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How One Attempts to Chase Gravity by Nicole Campbell (Gem City #2)

How One Attempts to Chase Gravity
by Nicole Campbell

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 1, 2015
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1515326446
Publisher: Nicole Campbell
Genre: YA Coming of age
Print Length: 397 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Due to mature themes and moderate language, this book is recommended for readers ages 16+.

Ethan Fisher is kind of a badass- just ask him. The fact that he plays guitar and sings in a band only serves as fuel to the fire of his flirtatious nature. That is until he meets Courtney Ross, a sort of anxious, pixie-like cheerleader with a vocabulary much larger than his. Things would be perfect if she didn’t live eighteen hundred miles away. She shifts his perspective and steals his heart, but how long can she keep it? Find out what was behind all of those sexy smirks in What Comes of Eating Doughnuts With a Boy Who Plays Guitar, and what really went down the night of that fateful phone call.

College bound, Ethan knows he will run into Courtney eventually, and he is determined to have another chance to be the man she thought he was. If it is even possible for her to speak to him without throwing her coffee in his face. He’s willing to take his chances in hopes that the infatuation of their summer love can hold up in the real world. In a novel that is part insightful overlap, part delicious sequel, learn how this winding tale of love and heartbreak unfolds.  

How One Attempts to Chase Gravity by Nicole Campbell (Gem City #2) 

It’s said there are two sides to every story and nothing brings a young romance into clearer focus than reading first about the one POV and then to have an entire second book with the other POV. Nicole Campbell’s How One Attempts to Chase Gravity is “the rest of the story” sequel to What Comes of Eating Doughnuts With a Boy Who Plays Guitar told through Ethan’s voice. Always the player, the bad boy, the one the girls fawned over, he had no idea what truly loving someone felt like until the sassy and feisty Courtney came into his life like a hurricane on a mission. Their relationship was at once volatile, heated and sweetly passionate, although their time together was short. Follow the events from Ethan’s perspective, as he takes their story beyond the phone call from hell.

Will Ethan have another chance with Courtney in college? Will she even speak to him or has she moved on and found someone else, someone less afraid of the unknown? Can they re-kindle their love or has it never really died? Their summer vacation romance is gone, but will there be a new and stronger love to replace their youthful joy? Only time will tell and Ethan is willing to give Courtney all the time she needs, if only he isn’t too late.

Nicole Campbell has taken young, angsty love and given it a more mature, yet still desperate polish as one young man finally understand what needing someone special is all about. She has gotten so deeply into Ethan’s heart and mind that all of the false bravado, which looked so good on the outside is revealed as just a fa├žade to cover his own insecurities and secrets. Ms. Campbell has brought both sides of this tangled love affair to life with a masterfully compassionate hand. People all make mistakes, but to admit them or forgive them are acts of maturity and these two are finding that maturity.

Sometimes a little frustrating, sometimes kind of sweet and quirky, I was captivated by the attention to detail and the depth each character was given as each scene played out, tugging on these old heartstrings like the notes
I received this copy from Nicole Campbell in exchange for my honest review.

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