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MORE Winners from Shannyn Leah's Giveaway Series - Week 5 - Lakeshore Lyrics


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You've EACH won an eCopy of Lakeshore Lyrics from Shannyn Leah!

Thank you all who entered and a HUGE Thank you to Shannyn Leah for another Great Giveaway!

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Avery's band is finally a hit-but can he hit the right notes of love with CeCe?
Lakeshore Lyrics

By Shannyn Leah

Series: By the Lake - Book 5
Publication Date: October 15, 2015
Publisher: Shannyn Leah
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Print Length: 253 pages
Available from: Amazon 
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Avery McAdams has dreamed about the day his band, Inch Away, would make it big, but he never expected to also fall in love at the same time. But it seems the woman he's falling in love with, Cece Boyd, doesn’t have the same feelings. Apparently, their one sexual escapade was just a run of the mill romp in the sheets for her.

Cece sees things differently. She thinks Avery is like every other artist: just looking for the best way to get to the top. She’s determined to not let their one-night stand get in the way of business. What she doesn’t expect is to be madly attracted to him.

While both try their hardest to keep it “professional,” being stuck together in a cramped tour bus only heightens the feelings they have for one another. Will they be able to keep hold of their professionalism or will they’re broken hearts mend together as one?

“Lakeshore Lyrics” is the fifth in the “By The Lake” series, about the McAdams sisters, from author Shannyn Leah.

This book can be read as a stand alone, but for more enjoyment read them in the order of the series, as all the characters appear in future books. 

Cece’s DIY T-shirt to Racer Tank Top Reconstruction

 Abby McAdams is all about cutting up her favorite t-shirt to create a fun, fashionable and comfy tank top. This way she always gets to wear her favorite t-shirt! She creates a masterpiece for Cece Boyd in Lakeshore Lyrics and here is an easy step-by-step to do it!
-An old t-shirt (usually one that is a size or two bigger than you because you want it to be a loose fit in the end)
1.     Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface and smooth it out.
2.     Cut off the arms of the t-shirt. Measure 2” from the arm pit up to the top of the shirt. You can mark this with a pen if you want, or simply cut, because it doesn’t have to be exact. Cut the arms off.
3.     Cut the neckline out, making the back a little deeper.
4.     Turn the t-shirt over and cut a deep V into the back of the shirt.
5.     Along the bottom hem of the shirt, cut off the stitched part, so you are left with only cloth around the edge.
6.     Tie a knot at the bottom of the V that you cut in the shirt and begin wrapping the hem you cut off the bottom of the shirt up the two back straps of the shirt. Once you reach the top of the straps, tie off the material knotting it and cut off any extra cloth that is left over. 
Shannyn Leah lives in London Ontario, Canada. She comes from an entrepreneurial family, who all have a passion for developing new and exciting business ideas. When she's not writing contemporary romance books, into the early hours of the morning, she's antiquing with her two favorite people, her momma and her sister.Shannyn has published five books in her series, By the Lake, including, Lakeshore Secrets, Lakeshore Legend, Lakeshore Love, Lakeshore Candy, and Lakeshore Lyrics. She is excited to be currently working on the Caliendo Resort, a new series for 2015/2016.
By The Lake Series
Caliendo Resort Series
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