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Operation Cosmic Teapot by Dylan Callens

Operation Cosmic Teapot
by Dylan Callens

My Rating: 2.5 Stars
Publication Date: December 4, 2015
Publisher: Dylan Callens
Genre: Satire
Print Length: 250 pages
Available from: Amazon

"A virgin birth? A virgin? Her?" God shouted at Freud while recalling his one night stand with Mary. Freud snorted another line of cocaine in celebration, believing that this story would help Nietzsche in his quest to fire God from Heaven Inc. Nietzsche, however, had other problems: the Norse gods were running amok on Earth, his board of directors were in a constant state of chaos, and syphilis pushed him into a past life that he would rather forget.

Operation Cosmic Teapot by Dylan Callens

Operation Cosmic TeapotYou know that phrase “Everything but the kitchen sink?” That pretty much describes the path that Dylan Callens took in creating his debut novel, the comedic satire, Operation Cosmic Teapot.
Not for the faint of heart, or those looking for a linear tale, God is an employee of Heaven, Inc., along with the gods of other religious beliefs, and of mythology. They are on phones, solicitors, if you will. When the CEO of Heaven, Inc decides he wants God out, he has him evaluated for his sanity by a drugged up Freud. God goes on trial, accused of having sex with a married woman, of being unable to even choose his religious affiliation, Judaism versus Christianity. Philosophers, ideologists, including the twisting of one man’s work into the beginning of the Nazi nightmare all come into play.

Dylan Callens pretty much makes fools of all gods, portraying them as shallow, disconnected and more concerned with their own power within the company, then the people on earth. He takes a satirical look at the possibility of an afterlife, or rather the fact that there is none, there will be no crossing that bridge to another existence. I enjoy well-timed satire, and well-timed humor, but just like chocolate, one can only digest so much before it no longer appeals. For me, I came away disappointed in what at first, appeared to be another great escape into reading! I needed cohesiveness, even throughout the chaos. I felt I was inside a blender on high speed and there was too much ice.

I received this copy from Dylan Callens in exchange for my honest review.

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