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Paris Singer's The Skull Collector Character Interview & Giveaway

  A little girl will go to any lengths to be reunited with her loved ones.
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The Skull Collector
by Paris Singer

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: November 8, 2015
Publisher: Forsaken
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Print Length: 135 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

In a world in which children are exploited, monsters are saviors, and dark magic is constantly at play, a little girl will go to any lengths to be reunited with her lost ones.

After the disappearance of her parents, a heartbroken child is sold to the Doll-Maker who promises to revive them. In return, she is to travel from cemetery to cemetery, unearthing graves and collecting skulls.

While doing so, she must avoid the Violinist and his crows, who are determined to steal the skulls she has painstakingly gathered.

As she travels across the province, with her life in constant peril from vengeful policemen to furious villagers to strange creatures, the little girl must use her wits to succeed in her macabre mission.

 The Skull Collector by Paris Singer

Be prepared to enter the world of The Skull Collector by Paris Singer, because once you step in, the darkness will be complete.

Brilliant, dark, sinister and foreboding, this tale is told through dark scenes, brittle dialogue and the desperate actions of a child alone. She is a nameless entity, portrayed with a mind that is always working, perhaps far beyond her years. Paris Singer has created a world full of the ashes of evil while giving life to a tale of an abused child with little hope, except for that one promise. This is not a shimmering fairy tale world, but one that is filled with horror and evil.

Paris Singer has penned a dark and ominous tale for those who like to travel in the shadows where things go bump in the night. Prepare for the chills, the smell of fear, dirt and death and picture it through the eyes of a child. Dark fantasy at its grimmest. 

The Skull Collector: Character Interview

Author: Okay, please take a seat. I’ve brought you three here because I said I’d interview you. It won’t take long, so don’t worry, I’ll take you back as soon as we’re done. So you know, I’m going to transcribe everything we say for this, so please, keep it clean and concise.
Little Girl: Sorry, sir, but…Who are you?
Author: I’m the—
Doll-Maker: Never mind who he is—where have you taken me? What is this? What do you want of me? This is preposterous. I demand you release me at once!
Author: As I said, I’ve brought you here to interview you. Now, you’ll just take a seat you can get this over with and you can all go back to—
Doll-Maker: Help! Help! I am being held captive against my will! Can any one hear me? Help!
Author: *Sigh* I knew it’d be a mistake to bring you here; not so much the other two…but you…
Doll-Maker: And what, pray tell, is that supposed to mean?
Author:…You’re unpleasant.
Doll-Maker: Unpleasant? How dare you speak to me like that? Unpleasant, indeed. You ignorant knave. You clearly haven’t a brain cell in your entire skull which, clearly, is of poor quality.
Author: Now, seriously—
Doll-Maker:Unpleasant”. Ask him if I’m unpleasant.
Violinist: …
Doll-Maker: Oh yes, he’s not one for talking much, is he? Okay, then—her, then! Ask her if I’m unpleasant. Tell him, my dear. Tell him how delightful I am.
Little Girl: Well—
Doll-Maker: You see? From the lips of a child! Unpleasant…Why, I am nothing if not a saint. I took this little girl in when the entire world had turned its back on her, you know. Yes…Yes, I’m actually rather wonderful now I think of it.
Little Girl: …
Violinist: …
Author: …So, I thought the best way to do this would be if I ask a question and you all answer it in turn, starting with you, Little Girl, then you, Violinist, and finally you, Doll-Maker.
Doll-Maker: Why must I be last? If anything I should be first. I’m clearly the only one here with anything intelligent to say. Why, you’d sooner get blood from a stone than a single word from that so-called Violinist fellow, and the little girl here can barely string a cohesive sentence together (believe me—I’ve had the displeasure of attempting to communicate with her. Very dull, indeed).
Author: …*Turning to Little Girl* So, let’s begin: please tell me—
Doll-Maker: Oh, I see how it is. Favoritism, is it?
Author: It is not favoritism—I just—
Doll-Maker: No, no, I understand perfectly well what is going on here. You force me away from my workshop to this…this drab little room, force me to endure the company of these two plebeians, and now you wish to silence and ridicule me in front of them. Oh yes, I know your game, matey. Well, it won’t work. I shan’t stand for it. Help! Help! I’ve been captured against my will! Help! Anyone! Save me from the company of these imbeciles! Help!
Author: Okay, that’s enough. Please sit down—
Doll-Maker: Help!
Author: I’m sure we’re all anxious for this to be over, so if you’ll just co-operate—
Doll-Maker: No, I will not co-operate. This is all a conspiracy to sully my good name. Yes, I’m on to you, sir.
Little Girl: Please, sir.
Doll-Maker: Oh, what is it now?
Little Girl: Please, sir, let him speak and ask questions. I want to go back. I want to bring you skulls so I can be with mum and dad again. Please, sir.
Doll-Maker: I want. I want. It’s all just about you, isn’t it? Oh, this is unbearable! That’s it—take me back. I demand it.
Author: *Sigh* Well, I think we’ve all had enough, agreed?
Little Girl: Oh, yes, sir. It was lovely meeting you, but I must go back.
Doll-Maker: Yes, listen to the little girl. Take me back at once.
Author: Okay, fine. That-concludes-the-interview-It-was-great-speaking-with-you-all-Thank-you-for-your-time-G’bye.
*Sigh* Well, that was painful. If I never speak with that man again it’ll be too soon. There’s a lesson in there somewhere…Just wish I knew what it was. Hmm…This room is drab.

Paris Singer was born in Brussels, Belgium. He has lived in the U.K. and in various places in Spain. At university, he studied English law and Spanish law. He didn't like it. He then studied translation and didn't like it, either. He has far too many interests, he's told, a few of which being sports, playing his old guitar, learning Japanese, painting, reading and cooking. Not a day goes by, however, where he doesn't write something, be it under a palm tree or on a bench at a bus stop somewhere. 

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