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Portrait of Rage by Cynthia H. Wise (The Marcel Experience #1)

Portrait of Rage
by Cynthia H. Wise

My rating: 5 stars

The Marcel Experience - Book 1
Publication Date: November 1, 2015
Publisher: BookLogix
Genre: Supernatural murder mystery
Print Length: 344 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Soon after Thomas Shear buys a house for his art gallery, the spirits of a killer’s child victims haunt his dreams. Believing they were conjured by stress and a vivid imagination, Tom hopes to vanquish the nightmares that leave him shaking and sweat-soaked by creating a series of life-sized portraits portraying the suffering of each little girl.

When news of his portrait series spreads, however, Tom is confronted by the lead investigator for the missing children, Detective Mark Winward. Realizing he has become involved in something more sinister than he could ever have imagined and the detective’s number one suspect, Tom races to find the real killer before he is framed and someone Tom loves becomes the killer’s next victim.

Portrait of Rage by Cynthia H. Wise
(The Marcel Experience #1)

Portrait of Rage (The Marcel Experience, #1)The old mansion would make the perfect gallery to showcase his art with some renovations and updates. Little did Thomas Shear know, he may need Ghostbusters, too. A gifted artist, Tom has started having nightmares of horrendous proportions, and they all revolved around young girls who were brutally beaten, tortured and murdered. To purge his mind of these horrors, he painted each scene as if he were there. Was he receiving some type of message from beyond? Is it possible his home has been haunted by the restless spirits of lost souls?

His portraits are a huge success, but Tom has begun receiving threats and even the police think his art is too close to the truth of each ghoulish event. With his background and the details the police never shared he has become the prime suspect and the clock is ticking on proving his innocence as those he cares about the most are falling victims to the suffering these spirits endured as well as an earthbound evil who wants the truth buried forever. Is the killer still running free and determined to stop at nothing to silence Tom? What messages are the young spirits trying to convey? Are they the best chance of capturing their tormentor and saving his latest victim? The secrets of the house, the people and the world of the supernatural will hold you spellbound in the grips of terror and what ifs…

Portrait of Rage by Cynthia H. Wise is one of those thriller/mystery/murder tales that will scrape your nerves raw as the story unfolds and spins into tighter and tauter circles, each almost more unbelievable than the last. Ms. Wise has combined the paranormal and suspense in perfect proportions so lovers of either genre will find themselves caught up in discovering what they will find at the end of this dark tale. Do you believe in things that go bump in the night? You will now as the innocent victims of a monster use the living to attempt to exact justice before another child falls prey.

Edge of your seat reading once it gets wound up, Portrait of Rage is like a runaway train on twisted rails into the unknown!

I received this copy from Cynthia H. Wise in exchange for my honest review.


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