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Sins of Summer by Linda Heavner Gerald

Sins of Summer
by Linda Heavner Gerald

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Tate Publishing
Publication Date: November 17, 2015
ISBN-13: 9781682701232
Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction | Spirituality |Abuse
Print Length: 272 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Audrey Brock thought of herself as a golden girl. Her dream life shrouded her as the cocoon of a metamorphosing butterfly. Suddenly, everything changed. Her gorgeous, wealthy husband fell for another. Her best friend tired of her. Wine and food became a crutch. Her beautiful appearance changed into an overweight woman who no longer cared about such trivial matters as appearance. When she thought things could not get worse, her best friend arrived late one evening with a new threat. The monster who robbed her of childhood in her fifteenth year was coming for her again. She sadly thought of all the years of mental torture she suffered because of him. This time, he would demand the only thing left in her life, which she loved. Audrey and Diana devised a plan to make him pay. After working all day creating a torture chamber, they were ready for him. It was easy enticing the madman into the designated room. Yet as she sat watching this monster sleep, she realized that he was now old and sick. The man on the floor naked and cold before her seemed to have already paid. Perhaps in many ways, she could not be sure. One thing was clear, she could not be the savage, which he had once been to her.

Sins of Summer by Linda Heavner Gerald

Sins of SummerShe thought her life was perfect. She had an adoring husband who was powerful, wealthy and attractive, but Audrey’s fairytale world came crumbling down when she discovered her marriage was a lie. Her husband had been cheating on her with the last person she ever would have dreamed would stab her in the heart. Life became a nightmare of self-doubt, self-recriminations and the only part of life still under her control was her eating and drinking, or so Audrey thought. The once beautiful young woman became an overweight caricature of who she once was. Was this her way of believing she had control over one aspect of her life or a way to punish herself for what she perceived as failure? Starting over isn’t easy, but sometimes it just takes the right person at the right time and when Audrey met Diana, a bond was formed for life.

Diana was on the run, starting over from an abusive relationship where she, too had become a true believer in the church of the refrigerator. The solace she found made her an object of stares and cruel comments, but the day Audrey walked into her life, she found a true friend. Perhaps now they could get their lives on track, their weight under control and forge a new life as each other’s support. Too bad Audrey’s worst nightmare from her past has tracked her down, and in a twist of fate, takes out his anger on Diana, because all fat people look alike, right?

Determined to make him pay for his sins, both past and present a plan is made to “pay forward” his abuse and ugliness, but can they follow through with their plan or will the goodness in their hearts and their faith in their God pull them back from the brink of Hell’s damnation? Roy deserves an eye for an eye, but maybe he has already been served justice in a twisted way.

Sins of Summer by Linda Heavner Gerald is an emotional tale of two women made to feel less than human who continued on a self-destructive path even as they fought to remake themselves. From the realistic cruelties of strangers to the inner brow-beating these two endure, Linda Heavner Gerald has uncovered many of the sins of the world we live in. As Audrey and Diana learn to reach out and begin to feel their own self-worth, it is wonderful to see the encouragement they share with each other. The biggest test they face may be the defining moment in their lives that will make or break both their friendship and their self-esteem. With hints of faith and spirituality, these two could be any one of millions who have faced their pain, but in the end, it is the difference between being a callous and uncaring person, versus doing on to others that will define their lives. A lesson for us all?

I received this copy from Linda Heavner Gerald in exchange for my honest review.

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