Sunday, January 24, 2016

Slade by Eva Gordon (Team Greywolf, #1)

by Eva Gordon

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Team Greywolf Series - Book 1
Publisher: Eva Gordon
Publication Date: January 22, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 274 pages
Available from: Amazon
Runt, Cricket, is an honorary beta of Team Greywolf, an elite special ops branch of the Lycan Intelligence Agency. As a member, she poses as a human and collects forensic evidence. Because of her low rank, she is assigned in the rehabilitation of Prince Slade suffering from morphogenesis after his entire pack is murdered, and then his indoctrination as a member of their team. Babysit a psycho, domineering alpha? Not on her watch. To complicate matters, she lusts for Slade. Foolish. A runt can never take an alpha as a mate.
Slade has two choices. Honor his murdered kin and serve Team Greywolf, or once healed, obey King Conan and return to his territory with an alpha mate. Complicating his decision is his relentless desire for the hot sexy little she-wolf, Cricket.
Early into his recovery, Slade and Cricket are sent to investigate missing werewolves. An unstable werewolf seems hardly a match for a former Nazi werewolf bent on bringing on Ragnarok, the destruction of mankind.
Can they stop this evil regime, while conforming to pack law that forbids any chance of them fulfilling their desire for each other?

Slade by Eva Gordon (Team Greywolf, #1)

Slade, Book 1 in Team Greywolf SeriesImagine being part of an elite special ops team for the Lycan Intelligence Agency when you are a mere runt like the feisty and fiery Cricket. The little she-wolf is human enough to be like a “secret weapon” when a human touch is needed. To say that being left behind on the next great mission was a letdown would be an understatement, but to be assigned babysitting duty for an out-of- his mind alpha Crown Prince during his rehabilitation to “normalcy.” Prince Slade is hot, domineering and so far out of Cricket’s league, that even thinking of her raging attraction to him is dangerous. Little does she know, she is driving Slade to distraction as he struggles with honoring his slain pack and his father’s wishes.

Wolves are going missing, and Cricket and Slade are sent to investigate. What they discover is a demented werewolf bent on destroying mankind, using any means available to gain followers for his dictatorship and bid to take over the world.

When Eva Gordon decides to create a new series, she does it in style! Slade is a powerful, action-packed, heat-seared tale that is setting the bar high for all following additions! Count on Ms. Gordon for brilliant dialogue, filled with attitude, humor and even pure evil. The atmosphere she creates is filled with high energy, high tension and high passion as each page unfolds and the action runs at breakneck speed.

I received an ARC edition from Eva Gordon in exchange for my honest review.

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