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Stripped Bare by Rebecca Moon (The Warnum-Bailiff Series, #1)

Stripped Bare
by Rebecca Moon

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Warnum - Bailiff Series - Book 1
Publication Date: September 10, 2014
Publisher: Rebecca Moon
ISBN-13: 9781501013584
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 269 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Since being humiliated and degraded by her first love, Sally has hidden herself from the world and more specifically, men. She has lost herself in a spiral of pity and isolation until a chance encounter with a high school friend, who has grown up in all the right ways. Damien, now an elite naval officer, has become all man; with muscles to make a girls knees weak and a depth of knowledge behind his beautiful eyes that could strip your soul bare. For the first time in years Sally feels alive again, and her mind and body respond to Damien in ways she thought were lost to her. Damien shows Sally how to love and laugh again but will Damien be her ultimate downfall?
Stripped Bare will leave your breathless and wanting for more.  

 Stripped Bare by Rebecca Moon
(The Warnum-Bailiff Series, #1)

Stripped BareSally was in love and the humiliation of her lover’s betrayal, especially when everyone knew but her was devastating. To protect herself, she hid away from the world of men, locked down her heart and tossed the key, leaving her only half alive, depressed and only able to dream of the life she wants. Her life was about to change as she began to see her future in the soulful eyes of a boy from her past. Damien is definitely not a boy anymore. He is all the man Sally could want, and then some, but you know what they say about something being too good to be true…Sally meant to surprise Damien, but the shock was hers, and she ran, no excuses accepted. You know what they say about assuming something, now two lives were in shambles, both deeply hurt, lost and emotionally flayed, both hiding behind pride, pain and desperation. What will it take to at least get them communicating or will they both move on, crutches in tow?

Rebecca Moon’s Stripped Bare will resonate with anyone who has felt the pain of being the last to know. Sally comes to us, broken and needy, trying to make every aspect of her the best it can be to compensate for her heartbreak. Ms. Moon allows us watch as Sally grows and finally discovers who defines her life, and it isn’t some hot hunk that rocks her sheets. Damien is like the Prince Charming of Romance, almost too perfectly alpha and tender. Too bad he lied by omission about one little detail! Speaking of details, Ms. Moon has tossed in day to day things that almost go unnoticed, which is what breathes the oxygen into these characters, nothing is huge, but they are there and it felt totally realistic.

Follow a wonderfully fascinating cast, as Sally grows up, Damien faces his own demons and that darn dog gets out again! Passion, heat, a touch of humor, some angst and a rescue dog, what’s not to like?

I received this copy from Rebecca Moon in exchange for my honest review.

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