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Stripped Raw by Rebecca Moon (The Warnum-Bailiff Series Book 2)

Stripped Raw 
by Rebecca Moon

My rating: 4.5 stars

The Warnum-Bailiff Series - Book 2
Publication Date: January 20, 2015
Publisher: Rebecca Moon
ISBN: 1511424680
Genre: New Adult Romance
Print Length: 224 pages
Available from: Amazon
Erin Stancliffe has had a troubled past and moves to Bailiff to give herself and her son a fresh start. She is captivated by the old town charm and the friendly people in it, especially when her new job at the district hospital brings her face to face with Jason Cunningham, a bronzed, muscle bound man with a boyish face.
Renowned as the town slut, Jason is forced to reassess his life after a night of reckless inebriation leads to an indiscretion with his best friends ex fiancĂ©. Jason’s reputation is left in tatters as he tries to turn a new leaf and make amends for his previous sins.
Jason is dumbstruck by Erin, the beautiful newcomer but Erin has to look deep inside herself to overcome her emotions and take a chance on someone new.
Amongst blossoming love, tragedy unfolds and Erin has one thing after another go wrong, her relationship and trust in Jason being just one of these as she learns of his promiscuous past. Desperate to protect Erin, Jason is determined to make everything right and will stop at nothing to win back the woman of his dreams.  

Stripped Raw by Rebecca Moon
(The Warnum-Bailiff Series Book 2)

Stripped RawHer life has been full of troubles, but, Erin, a single mother, is after a fresh start with her young son. At first glance, Bailiff is a charming town, and Erin’s job as a nurse is proof that she has succeeded in life, against the odds, but all is not as it seems in this idyllic setting and Erin is about to discover that she can’t hide from her past, no matter how bright her future looks.
Jason is the town man whore, built, buff and bronzed, he can have his pick of one night stands, he may have taken his party life one night too far and now he is paying the price of the error of his ways. A work-related accident, a twist of fate and for all of the wrong he has done, Jason sees his personal heaven in the form of a beautiful young nurse. Could this be the encounter they have both dreamed of or is Erin too damaged by trusting someone in the past to take a chance on losing her heart again? And then there is her son to think about…

When a parent’s nightmare comes true, these two will be tested to their limits and beyond. Will their budding relationship take the strain? Jason is determined to be what Erin wants and needs, but Cupid never shows his hand until all the cards have been played.

Rebecca Moon’s Stripped Raw is like a hot spring of pain, determination and emotional need as two people learn to stand against the odds and the treachery that surrounds them. Ms. Moon’s characters are simply riveting; Erin is a poster girl for anyone who has had an uphill climb where each step could mean a plunge to the bottom, because she did it without compromising her values. Jason is the poster boy for self-centered womanizers until he meets the one woman who has captured his heart and soul.

Hot sensuality, delightful moments and desperate situations all add up to a great romance from Rebecca Moon.

I received this copy from Rebecca Moon in exchange for my honest review.

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