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Sunny Kincaid by Penelope Kahler Swan

Sunny Kincaid
by Penelope Kahler Swan

My rating: 3 stars

Publication Date: October 15, 2014
Publisher: Penelope Kahler Swan
ISBN-13: 9780988301931
Print Length: 222 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

 SUNNY KINCAID (DRAMA/THRILLER) WINNER HOLLYWOODSCRIPT.COM PROFESSIONAL COMMENTS CRAIG KELLEM: (Former Development Exec Universal and Fox Studios) "SUNNY KINCAID is a terrific thriller, rich with sinister, scary, and funny characters. The story started out as a screenplay that garnered a lot of interest in both the project and the writer. SUNNY KINCAID is a deep, relatable, and often tragic character study, while at the same time offering a terrific thriller thru-line, eclectic dialogue, and an ironic mix of humor and violence. It is one of the very best projects we've ever seen! SUNNY KINCAID is a winner. This book will knock you out, and the film will surely follow."

Sunny Kincaid by Penelope Kahler Swan

Sunny KincaidClearly there is more to Sunny Kincaid and her past than we are aware of. Sunny is a deputy, a lifetime resident of a small town that seems caught in a time warp somewhere between the dark ages and modern times. She has her own demons from her past, the demons that changed her from the soft and pliable young woman she was to the hardened person she has become today. Instead of a trusty partner to help free the town of evil, Sunny also has a ghost, or a vision or a little insanity in her life as her deceased husband, Jeeper seems to pop up whenever things are getting interesting.

Sunny is always looking out for the underdogs in town, doing all she can to finally give them a taste of freedom from being beaten, cheated on or any other nasty little evils crawling around. Think of Sunny’s town as a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah where morals ebb with the outgoing tide and Sunny knows how to play that game all too well. From the pastor to the judge to the richest man in town, everyone has a dirty little secret, an evil plot to play out or death on the mind, not to mention that brutal attacks on women are not out of the question.

Follow the twisted tale of an officer of the law with enough baggage to never wear the same clothes twice in a year. Meet the citizens of the town she calls home, and expect a quirky, group of misfits playing a role for the rest of the town. Part ghost story, part suspense, one wonders who is doing who and who doesn’t care, as well as why stay in a town that is too twisted to draw a straight line?

Penelope Kahler Swan’s Sunny Kincaid is unique in its plot, its characters, its unexpected twists and a main character that seems to straddle the line between good and not so good.
I received this copy from Penelope Kahler Swan in exchange for my honest review.

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