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The Beat on Ruby's Street by Jenna Zark

The Beat on Ruby's Street
by Jenna Zark

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Updrift (October 19, 2015)
Publication Date: October 19, 2015
Genre: Middlegrade fiction
Print Length: 150 pages
Available from: Amazon
The last thing eleven-year-old Ruby Tabeata expected to happen on her way to a Jack Kerouac reading was to be hauled to the police station.
It’s 1958 and Ruby is the opposite of a 1950s stereotype: fierce, funny and strong willed, she is only just starting to chart her course in a family of Beat Generation artists in Greenwich Village.

Ruby dreams of meeting famous poets while becoming one herself; instead, she’s accused of trying to steal fruit from a local vendor and is forced to live in a children’s home. As Ruby struggles to return to family and friends, she learns her only choice is to follow her heart.

Join Ruby’s journey as she finds unexpected friendships, the courage to rebel against unjust authority and the healing power of art in this inspiring middle-grade novel by Jenna Zark.

The Beat on Ruby's Street by Jenna Zark

The Beat on Ruby's StreetGreenwich Village, 1958, a place and time where free spirits congregated to express themselves, make far-reaching statements and live under the radar of authority. This is the life young Ruby has known, think on your feet, be suspect of authority and always give yourself an out. Growing up with inattentive parental figures, yet in a community who cares for its own, Ruby knows the value of a good eat, a good piece of poetry, and she has the street-smarts to survive, until the day she is chased by the Child Welfare agency, who are only trying to “better her living” conditions. To Ruby’s way of thinking, her life is pretty grand, home schooling, artists all around, and that vibe on the streets, that everything is alive and shaking. Follow Ruby as her own decisions and free-thinking could be the cause of her own downfall as she comes under the scrutiny of “The Man.”

Fun, fast and furious, Ruby plays “catch me if you can” with the authorities as she tries to stay one step away from foster homes and losing the ones she loves. You might think that without bad luck, she may have no luck at all, because if it can go wrong for Ruby, it usually does. The Beat on Ruby’s Street by Jenna Zark is a faced paced, humorous take on life for one girl living in a world far removed from the norm. Jenna Zark has captured the essence of youth with all of its idealistic energy and lack of life experiences. Ruby is a delight, and her mental gymnastics will bring more than one chuckle to your lips! Ms. Zark creates the feel of the era and the neighborhood with great attention to the all-important attitude that zaps the air. A fun and entertaining way to give kids the chance to learn a little history without the boring maps and dates. Ms. Zark has just the right beat going to create a hit!

I received this copy from Jenna Zark in exchange for my honest review.


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