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The White Lady by Nic Weissman (The Merchant's Destiny, #2)

The White Lady
by Nic Weissman

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Merchant's Destiny - Book 2
Publication Date: December 9, 2015
Publisher: Nic Weissman
Genre: Children's fantasy
Print Length: 344 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

A new adventure is about to begin. Our heroes will embark in a quest to recover The Eye that Sees it All, a powerful scrying magic artifact. To achieve their goals they will need to travel from the Bor to Darphem, the kingdom of Dwarves. In their trip, they will fight many battles, make new friends and foes and visit other fantastic places like Ellis, the country of elves.
Following the successful formula already used in The Orb of Wrath this sequel combines multiple elements: first and foremost, epic fantasy adventure; but also political plots, interviewed stories, a touch of humor, a pinch of drama and even a love story.
Follow Erion and his friends and explore more of the vast World of Oris.  

The White Lady by Nic Weissman
(The Merchant's Destiny, #2)

The White LadyPrepare for more epic fantasy from Nic Weissman as he leads Erion on another journey of adventure, danger and magic. This time Erion has a small group of friends and allies some brave and courageous, some mouthy and brash, some quiet pillars of strength, and of course where they go, magic is all around them. Imagine traversing a vast land in search of a magical artifact of power. A dangerous quest with only the support of those nearest you and your own ability to survive. Aided by friends, hindered by enemies, at the end of their journey they must capture The Eye that Sees It All. Will their journey be successful? Will they find the scrying artifact? If so, will it be worth the cost they have paid, the battles they’ve fought or the heartache along the way? In a world filled with magical beings, he who possesses the most magic wins…and he who has the watchful eye of The White Lady is truly blessed.

Welcome back to Nic Weissman’s world of magic and mayhem as we discover that even in a fantasy world, political machinations can be devious, betrayal is around every corner and those who look the least trustworthy may become the greatest allies. Never short on descriptions, no matter where Mr. Weissman takes us, we won’t get lost as we journey side by side with Erion and his unlikely band of warriors in spirit, if not in reality. Meet elves, dwarves, dragons and more, but none may be as fearful as the politicians and their games!

If you love getting carried away in another realm of reality, the beauty of magical spells and of being able to play let’s pretend in your mind, welcome to the world of Oris.

I received this copy from Nic Weissman in exchange for my honest review.

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