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The Wishing Place by Mindy Haig

The Wishing Place
by Mindy Haig

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Breakwater Harbor Books
Publication Date: November 24, 2013
Genre: Fantasy | Coming of age
Print Length: 359 pages
Available from: Amazon
The Wishing Place was magical. You went to sleep and you could be there, if it chose to take you. On those lucky nights you could do anything you wanted and have anything you could think to ask for. You could even see the future. But what if you had to wait 16 years for the vision to become reality?

Valerie Porter was a lonely little girl. Her world fell apart when Granny passed away and her parents' troubled marriage ended in a bitter divorce. Her only solace lay in Granny's fairy tales and the secret Granny shared with her alone - the secret of The Wishing Place.

Granny said what The Wishing Place showed was real. She promised Valerie that there was true love in the world waiting for her. Unfortunately, a promise wasn't much to hold on to when Valerie became an unwelcome stepchild.

One night, Valerie asked The Wishing Place to show her something special - something really important. What she got was an eight-year-old boy named Nickolas Rossi who was everything she could want in a friend. But was he just a dream or could he fulfill Granny's promise and make happily ever after a reality?

The Wishing Place by Mindy Haig

The Wishing PlaceFor a lonely little girl, caught in the crossfire of a bitter divorce, her grandmother’s secret tale of a magical place you could go to in your sleep became her refuge. Granny promised her it was real, that Val would find her true love there. The Wishing Place by Mindy Haig tells the journey of two children over sixteen years of meeting in the Wishing Place to make their dreams become a reality as adults.

When young Val asked to be shown something very special, young Nicholas appeared and their friendship was solidified. Was he a dream, a fantasy friend to confide in when the world treated her harshly or was he to become “the one” for her in reality? Granny had never lied to her, but how long would it be before her dreams became a reality?

Mindy Haig’s tale is simply magical, two young children who share everything, even as they grow up, even when their visits became less and less frequent, would meet in the Wishing Place, but never could they divulge where they were or how to find each other until one vision is all they have to cling to. It was a vision without a date, could they wait for their dreams to become their own happily ever after or was that just for dreamers?

Like a modern day fairytale, Mindy Haig allows this heart-warming story to unfold through the good times, the bad times and the lonely times as each character follows their destiny into adulthood. Real life situations, the perfection of a dream world, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your dreams come true? With a soft voice, Ms. Haig leads us through her tale like floating on a cloud with only the storms of reality to mar the journey. As easy read, filled with a variety of characters, two strong main characters and the dream of destiny coming true, The Wishing Place is a relaxing escape into a world where dreams hold love.

I received this copy from Mindy Haig in exchange for my honest review.


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