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Threads of Destiny by Lea Roches (Crossing Fates, #1)

Threads of Destiny
by Lea Roches

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Crossing Fates - Book 1
Publisher: Valldemossa Media Publishing - Oliver Heimbold
Publication Date: November 17, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 38 pages
Available from: Amazon
Eva Stanis has moved across country from the East Coast to the city of Westport, hoping to put her home city and ex-fiancé behind her. But she is still a Morai, a twister of fates, and must face the fact her new city has its own community of her kind and their own rules.
For Eva, while love is something even someone like her can find unexpectedly, danger is also something not even a weaver of fates can avoid; because, sometimes love and danger come woven together on the same thread…
Threads of Destiny by Lea Roches (Crossing Fates, #1)

Threads of Destiny (Crossing Fates Book 1)You can never outrun who you are or the destiny that awaits you. Ask Eva, who moved across the country to start over and forget the pain in her past. Eva is a Morai, she can twist or weave the fates, and even in her new home, her kind are all around. Her world is one where she sees the threads of a person’s life; she knows where that person is headed, what their “Fate” is. Not everyone has a glowing thread, evil threads abound, even among her own kind, but what can she do about it? Although careful with her gift, if she should manipulate a thread in a positive way, will it have fallout on others? She may respect her ability, but there are other Morai who may abuse it. Not unlike a puppet, even the weaver of fate cannot make life paradise.

Lea Roches’ Threads of Destiny is the lead off novella for her series Crossing Fates. Although short, Ms. Roches has built a new world of the paranormal for us to explore, a small bite at a time. Eva seems to be a girl on the run from her past, yet not timid and she knows right from wrong, when it comes to her powers. Now that the stage is set, I have a feeling this will prove to be a very good series to follow. They say less is more and Lea Roches is on the right path to prove this is a very true statement.

I received this copy from Lea Roches in exchange for my honest review.

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