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Three by Caroline Greyling (Maor, #2)

by Caroline Greyling

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Maor - Book 2
Publisher: Smart M Communications (PTY) LTD
Publication Date: December 19, 2015
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 253 pages
Available from: Amazon
‘In just a few days, I will turn eighteen. My aura will explode and every supernatural creature in the vicinity, the country, perhaps even the world will know where I am. They will know who I am. They will come for me.’

With her all important eighteenth birthday just weeks away, Maor princess Shaylee Greene has got some tough choices to make. She knows what is expected of her - marriage to the fair-haired, handsome Tristan who was bonded to her as a child. The wedding is supposed to be the culmination of the Maor prophecy that will supposedly result in the return of immortality to her people. Yet Shaylee’s heart yearns for Kael, her dark and fierce protector - who is strictly off limits. And the longer she delays, the closer she brings herself and her loved ones to mortal danger.

Three by Caroline Greyling (Maor, #2)

Three (Maor #2)I have been waiting forever, (or at least a year) for book two in the Maor series by Caroline Greyling after being swept away by Five. Ms. Greyling set the bar pretty high for herself and Three book two of the series. Turning eighteen is a big deal for any teen, monumental even, but for Shaylee Greene this birthday will be nothing short of epic, if she survives to see it, that is. Not only will the big one-eight bring forth all of her powers as a Maor, but her aura is going to become a beacon for every supernatural creature on the face of the Earth and many of them will want her dead to end the chance of the prophecy being fulfilled as she marries the handsome young man she was bonded to as a child. Tristan is wonderful, and she cares for him, but the one man in the world she cannot have is the one she wants with all of her heart and soul. Kael is her sworn protector, the one who has declared he will die to protect her, he is her best friend, the one who holds her when the nightmares come and she is wracked with pain. Duty to all of the Maor and their return to immortality must mean more than the young passions to two people. Shaylee knows she has no right to be so selfish, but she has stopped at nothing to hold off the inevitable, to have to say good bye to the dream of being with Kael and they both know it.

As the final hours tick away, a turn of events will bring the Maor to their knees as one grand gesture of the ultimate love sends Shaylee’s world into the darkness of pain, loss and guilt. What will it mean for the Maor People? What will it mean for the prophecy? Is it possible another will step in to stand for her? Is it a grand gesture for the people or is there something more devious afoot? Things are happening to fast, too conveniently to be fate and Shaylee is like a pawn caught in the middle of duty and doing what feels right.

Grab your sunglasses, Caroline Greyling has a hidden gem for the pile and it is glowing brilliantly at the top. With her ability to build a world within a world and to place characters that actually breathe, feel and react with human-like tendencies, Ms. Greyling pulls us out of our reality and thrusts us into the reality she has created between the covers of Three. Discover what Three means as we follow a path of growing pains, nightmarish pain as the road to rust becomes a little more bumpy and a lot more dangerous. Secrets are revealed, emotions will run high and Shaylee is determined to do what it takes to have it all. Strong characters, taut energy and magnificent writing for young adults, no matter how young you aren’t!

I received this copy from Caroline Greyling in exchange for my honest review.

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