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Untimely Agent by Brian Clopper (Angus Farseek, #1)

Untimely Agent
by Brian Clopper

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Angus Farseek - Book 1
Publisher: Behemoth Books (December 30, 2015)
Publication Date: December 30, 2015
Genre: Fantasy - Middlegrade | YA
Print Length: 257 pages
Available from: Amazon

Angus Farseek is snatched away mere seconds before his unfortunate death. Teleported by strange creatures called Quick Slivers to another dimension, Angus discovers he has earned the honor of becoming an Untimely Agent, one who roams across time, safeguarding it from those dead set on unraveling the cosmos. But all is not as it seems with his newfound station, and he is shocked to find he has numerous family ties with time travel, one of which seems to be working for the other side.

Alongside a teenage girl his daughter's age and a rogue Quick Sliver, he's flung into the timestream well before his training is complete. Overwhelmed and desperate to get back to his family, he must take action even if it tampers with history itself.

What dire conspiracies will he uncover? What damage to the timestream can he possibly inflict? And what exactly does the essence of H. G. Wells have to do with the caretaking of all things chronological? UNTIMELY AGENT is the first of two books that will dazzle readers with time travel trickery and mystique.

Untimely Agent by Brian Clopper
(Angus Farseek, #1)

Untimely Agent (Angus Farseek Book 1)You think you have trouble keeping track of time? Angus Farseek’s time was actually only seconds away from being up when he is teleported to another dimension of time and space. No he did not go to the Twilight Zone, but trust me; his experiences would make a good episode! His mission, with no option to not take it is to be an Untimely Agent, a protector of the timestream and its undisturbed continuum. Yes, there are evil forces wishing to wreak havoc for their own gain. This is Angus’ story, as told by Brian Clopper in Untimely Agent, the flagship novel for the new Angus Farseek series.

Follow Angus as he is thrust into chaos and danger as he discovers another dimension where good versus evil battle on. With his training far from complete, he is forced into action, ill prepared and filled with questions, doubt and worry. All he wants is to go home, but is there a home to go to anymore? And is that a future version of his daughter over there? What is she doing here? Why does it seem she is rooting for the bad guys? They are the bad guys, right, what if the Untimely Agents were the bad guys? What if Angus manages to make a bigger mess of time than it is? Hadn’t he always heard that to tamper with anything in time the consequences could be grave?

From Brian Clopper’s fertile mind, a tale of epic proportions is evolving as Angus, his buddy, the Quick Sliver and unlikely allies along the way struggle to maintain time’s line, all while meeting quirky characters along the way. Chuckle at Mr. Clopper’s ability to play with words, to add his own quirky touch to each page and to never, and I mean never let up on his blistering fast pace! Hang on tight, it’s “time” to let go of reality for a while. Take a jog on the quirky side, prepare for a few snickers and lots of confusion and fun!

I received this copy from Brian Clopper in exchange for my honest review.

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