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Vital Blood by Zack Scott (Their Dead Lives, #2)

Vital Blood
by Zack Scott

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Their Dead Lives - Book 2
Publication Date: October 31, 2014
Publisher: Zack Scott | Shades of Gray Publishing
ISBN-10: 0983750947
ISBN-13: 978-0983750949
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic | Thriller
Print Length: 524 pages
Available from: Amazon

Over a year after the events of FOUR, factions have formed across southern California. The survivors of the Vault Tactical Force are now the Numark Knights, determined to end the zombie apocalypse and save this world. On the beaches, the ruthless Hunters of Cali are led by a demented teenager named the Heartthrob. Inland, the Arrows of America thrive in a secluded society and will stop at nothing to keep their home safe.

Meanwhile, Alec has vanished from Camp Numark. Jeff wants to find him and mend the rift in their friendship, while Scot just wants to hide out with Kelsey and fool around. 

When a dangerous mission sends the Numark Knights out into the world of the living dead, the values of Jeff and Scot will be tested. And as factions clash, betrayals surface, and zombies swarm the California lands, a deadly threat constantly lurks in the darkness, for anyone could be an Embracer of Death.

Vital Blood by Zack Scott (Their Dead Lives, #2)

Vital Blood (Their Dead Lives, 2)The zombie apocalypse has brought the world to its knees. Survivors are banding together and each forming their own “colonies.” Some have created armies to defeat the zombies; some have formed cults, following a twisted leader. No one is beyond doing whatever it takes to keep their colonies safe. Barbaric rituals, tests and practices abound. Torture is common; insanity seems to be the rule, not the exception. No one is unaffected. Gear up, Zack Scott’s Vital Blood is going to march us through a frightening look at the downfall of humanity, the end of compassion and the zombies who are eating their way through what is left.

Scot, Jeff, Alec and Kale have changed as their paths have become diverse and it all goes back to the well and four boys who experienced something from “beyond.” Was it in preparation for the zombies? Is humanity being cleansed? Are they meant to be leaders or saviors? The answers may lie in an installation where government scientists and someone needs to get there, but how?
Are they the only ones with “abilities” or is someone else playing puppet master with the zombies? Who will survive and what will they have to do?

Zack Scott is a master of the eerie, the unbelievable becoming believable as he brings this addition to Their Dead Lives series to life. New characters, old characters, feelings of love and its memories, pure insanity and everyone desperately trying to have some control over their survival, it may not be survival of the fittest, but of the most overpowering. The lines between good and evil are almost completely erased as the action rains down like wildfire. From start to finish, there is not a wasted scene, a wasted word or detail! Could this be what a real apocalypse could be like? Where are the heroes in white hats? Where is the leader who stands above all? This is truly gritty and chaotic and I loved it!

I received this copy of Vital Blood from Zack Scott in exchange for my honest review.

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