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A Game of Gods by K. Hari Kumar (The Dystopian Chronicles, #1)

A Game of Gods
by K. Hari Kumar

My rating: 3.5 stars

Publisher: Red Olyfaunt eBooks; Kindle edition
Publication Date: December 24, 2015
Genre: Time Travel | Scifi | Dystopian
Print Length: 177 pages
Available from: Amazon
They were the most envied couple during their college days, but they parted ways in search of their careers… She becomes an ace journalist while he becomes the most celebrated filmmaker. They never thought their paths would cross each other... ever again…

But then Destiny has its own way of bringing soul-mates together. In the year 2017, when a secret brotherhood in Egypt will conspire to bring the biblical End of Days, it will be up to him to save humanity from getting wiped off the face of Earth… But then she comes back into his life again… Will he save mankind or will he succumb to his weakness?

Only time will tell... for the task is Herculean and time waits for none... And a deep dark secret about Mankind will be revealed to the Chosen One in this Game of Gods.

A Game of Gods by K. Hari Kumar 
(The Dystopian Chronicles, #1)

A Game of Gods (The Dystopian Chronicles, #1)Pagan rituals for the gods long ago trapped them between portal of time so they could cause no more havoc on Earth, but the wrath of the one brought the curse of Anunnakis. Fast forward to 2017, where renowned director, Manav Ghandi has made his final film in the Indian film industry. Reaching the ears of the news industry, his former college sweetheart decides to hunt down the answers to his shocking decision, herself. Pakhi is determined to get answers about and from Manav. But will she like the answers she receives; is there something more behind Manav’s decision? From Spain to Mumbai to Egypt, things are happening, things that may come together in a cataclysmic way. Will two long lost lovers find each other and become stronger for it or will a power far greater have a different plan? Are the gods rebelling and coming for vengeance? All they need is one source to release them, but who will be that source? Is this all a figment of one man’s imagination, different levels of consciousness or something more?

A Game of Gods by K. Hari Kumar is a fascinating look at beliefs, gods, and the pawns that humans can become. Setting up his scenes, and building his world, not all questions are answered and many more are raised. Entertaining, with a few bumps in the written road, this shows great promise as a new series.


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