Thursday, February 4, 2016

As I Wake (And See the World) by Ivan Amberlake (The Beholder, #.5)

As I Wake (and See the World)
by Ivan Amberlake

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Beholder - Book .05
Publisher: Breakwater Harbor Books
Publication Date: January 24, 2016
Genre: YA Scifi
Print Length: 30 pages
Available from: Amazon

He wasn’t supposed to survive. But he did. Now the Dark Ones are after him.

As I Wake (and See the World) is the prequel to The Beholder, a fast-paced action-packed fantasy series that introduces the readers to a world of the Sighted, a select group of people who have paranormal powers, abilities, and gifts.

As I Wake (And See The World) by Ivan Amberlake

As I Wake (and See the World) (The Beholder #0.5)Ivan Amberlake has written the back story for The Beholder and it answers the who, why, when and where with his usual talent for magnetic reading. As I Wake (And See the World). There is a hidden world within ours, the Sighted, and Sighted individuals each have special abilities. An automobile crash brings a prophesied Sighted man into the warring world of the Dark-sighted and the Light-sighted, which means Gabe is in danger as the two sides battle for supremacy. Is Gabe really “The One” they are waiting for? The Dark-sighted want him dead, but why? Changed, confused and alone, Gabe is finally enlightened, although still disbelieving by a young woman who claims to know about Gabe and the destiny he is on course for.

An unlikely hero may have been born, and this is his story, a fabulous lead up to book one in the series, The Beholder. Sit back and pay attention to this dystopian world as author Ivan Amberlake takes over as our creative guide.

I received this copy from Ivan Amberlake in exchange for my honest review.

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