Thursday, February 11, 2016

Catchpenny by Sarah Wathen


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Written by: Sarah Wathen
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: LayerCake Productions, LLC
Publication Date: January 22, 2016
ISBN-10: 194293811X
ISBN-13: 978-1942938118
Genre: New Adult

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Sarah Wathen's serial novel is finally available, the four parts combined as one full novel!

Meg Shannon was rarely surprised. She wasn’t surprised, for example, whenever she came to school to find her locker vandalized again. Slut! Whore! Trash! She was an independent, self-confident, intelligent young woman, and she’d stopped caring about the labels people born on the “right” side of the tracks in Shirley County slapped on her.

So when quarterback Tristan Jameson walked up to her at lunch and flat out asked her to Homecoming, she refused to be surprised then either. But she wasn’t stupid. Was it a joke? Was he looking for a guaranteed good time? Her phone number on a bathroom stall with just such a promise came to mind. But he seemed nervous, as if he truly cared what her answer would be. Maybe, just maybe…he actually liked her.

But to believe that would be dangerous. Raise the stakes. Sure, Meg was brave but was she willing to risk everything? Her pride? Her identity? And why did she have such a hard time accepting that someone like him could want someone like her? Was it possible she had started to believe all those hateful labels? One way or another, Meg’s answer to Tristan’s proposal that sunny afternoon would change her life forever. And everything she thought she knew about herself, too.

My Review:
CatchpennyCatchpenny by Sarah Wathen

Catchpenny is a story about a strong independent young woman, Meg, from the wrong side of the tracks who falls in love with star quarterback and most popular kid in school, Tristan.

Meg is confident in everything except the fact they will ever have a future together. She has worked hard for her dreams as have Tristan, so she doesn’t see how they will last beyond high school with leaving for college rushing at them.

Meg deals with prejudices against her every day and lets it roll off her like water off a duck’s feathers but Tristan doesn’t deal well with the insults and attacks thrown her way. This leads to many conflicts and fights with Tristan defending her honor. Meg has never had anyone stick up for her and has a really hard time accepting that Tristan would want to tie himself to her forever.

What will Meg do to keep Tristan? Is she willing to give up who she really is to conform to what is excepted of someone by Tristan’s side?

Catchpenny is a raw and gripping coming of age story that delves deep into the sexual, mental and emotional trials facing many teenagers on the cusp of adulthood.

I received this copy of Catchpenny from Sarah Wathen in exchange for a honest review.

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