Thursday, February 25, 2016

Deception by Isaiyan Morrison (Deamhan Chronicles #3)

by Isaiyan Morrison

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Deamhan Chronicles - Book 3
Publisher: Isaiyan Morrison
Publication Date: February 11, 2016
Genre: Urban Fantasy | Vampires
Print Length: 265 pages
Available from: Amazon
The death of prominent Deamhan elders has left a gaping hole in their society.

Amenirdis, the Queen of Limbo and the Dark Mother of Deamhan, is now loose in the world. Her plans for total annihilation of her kind rests on the blood of Maris and the Dark Curse tablet.

News of her release has also awaken the Dorvo Coven; vampires who consider themselves the arch enemies of Deamhan. One in particular hunts for the Dark Curse tablet with a means to exterminate every Deamhan on the face of the planet. In order to do so she must collect the broken Dark Curse tablet and the blood of Maris.

However, there are some Deamhan who won’t go down without a fight.

No one is safe. Not even the supernatural baddies who hide in the shadows of their dark underworld

 Deception (Deamhan Chronicles #3) by Isaiyan Morrison

Deception (Deamhan Chronicles #3)Get ready for brutality and darkness of the creatures of the night. Deception by Isaiyan Morrison is here, and once again, Ms Morrison delivers true grit and the most vile of the vile. Blood will flow, as a missing tablet is the key to destroying every Deamhan on Earth. The only other ingredient necessary is blood, Maris’ blood, the latest treasure sought by enemies and “allies” alike.

Amenirdis is free from limbo and she visits Ana in her dreams, helping Ana become stronger with her blood. Does she expect Ana to kill her own offspring? The Dorvo vampires are taking over the streets and as enemies of the Deamhan, they will be a demonic force to be reckoned with. The Deamhan, created to destroy Vampires are too dark and too dangerous to be trusted or allowed to live, until the last one is dead, there will be no peace and there are Deamhans who plan on putting up a fight to the end. The battle is on the horizon, no more small attacks as sides are chosen. This is no battle of good versus evil, and only the strongest will win. When the blood and dust settles, who will be left standing? Will Maris be safe or will her blood be shed to destroy an entire race?

Settle in and try not to forget this is only the brilliant words of a powerful author. Isaiyan Morrison doesn’t just tell a dark and bold tale, she carves it out with a wicked pen. Do you like to cringe a little, kind of enjoy spending a few nights with the lights on? Then, Deception as well as the rest of series is set to become your next great read or the things nightmares are made of.

Ms. Morrison is not afraid to create sizzling hot tension and keep the heat on throughout her tale. She makes no excuses for not having characters you want for your bestie, she writes to entertain, to bring the darkness into the light and she has done her job well!

I received this copy from the author, Isaiyan Morrison in exchange for my honest review.


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