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How to Fell a Timberman by Sharla Rae (The Bjornsons Book 1)

How to Fell a Timberman
by Sharla Rae

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Bjornsons - Book 1
Publication Date: August 21, 2015
Publisher: Sharla Rae
Genre: Historical Romance
ISBN-13: 9781517031626
Print Length: 339 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Vidar Bjornson carved the logging town of Whiskey Spit out of the wilderness on the Puget Sound. But he isn’t done. He promised his men brides and they will arrive in the spring.

No decent woman will have his uncouth loggers, so he requests an old maid teacher to polish their rough edges. Instead, his prankster brother sends beautiful Noelle Bridger and his men are already fighting over her! There’s no time to find a replacement so Vidar is stuck with the sassy woman.

With a scandal in Texas nipping her heels Noelle has no choice but to stay. But she decides to teach the deceitful logging boss a few lessons of his own.

Will the schoolmarm’s loving lessons fell the timberman? Or will his secret past bring them both down?  

How to Fell a Timberman by Sharla Rae
(The Bjornsons Book 1)

How to Fell a Timberman (The Bjornsons Book 1)Remember old westerns movies, how the rough and tumble men could be tamed by a very strong woman? Take a look at Sharla Rae’s How to Fell a Timberman the lead-off novel for her new series The Bjornsons. Follow a tale of the old west, where lumberjacks worked for years to fell trees and potential wives were brought in from other states and towns. You wonder, who would want these gruff and untamed men? The answer, as is, probably no woman, and that is why school marm, Noelle Bridger was hired and brought in. Prim, proper and tough as a Texas Long Horn, this beautiful woman took on the task of taming, grooming and polishing these hard-working men. She did not, however, plan on finding her biggest task being how to not fall in love with the boss man, Vidar Bjornson. This mysterious and cold man hides secrets, both about his past and about the kind of man he really is, but Noelle is a determined woman, determined NOT to fall in love, determined NOT to show her true feelings, determined to force him to open up.

Vidar is far too taken with Noelle, but what kind of life does he have to give her? She is refined, schooled and properly ladylike, until she shows a backbone as well as a kind heart in a world where deceit and loyalty can be bought by the highest bidder.

Sharla Rae’s words turn this tale into a movie that played in my mind! The muddy “streets,” crude buildings, the lack of bathing, as well as the sounds and activities at the logging site make it easy to visualize life long ago and the world people lived in. A delightful read filled with some humor, some romance, some suspense and the hard-scrabble life of a logging town.

I received this copy from author Sharla Rae in exchange for my honest review. We have no personal or professional connections.

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