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Jennifer Byars' MIXERS Giveaway Winners Announcement Time

They thought they could tame her - 
Meet the New Woman
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Thank you to Jennifer Byars and EVERYONE who entered and shared this post!
by Jennifer Byars

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Bare Tree Press
Publication Date: October 14, 2015
Genre: Adult Paranormal | Dark
Print Length: 354 pages
Available from: Amazon
 An arrogant vampire comes up with a way to make a new immortal species to help the dark underworld fight the destruction that the human race has caused; destruction that could soon lead to their imminent extinction.

Soon to be thirty-nine year old Molly Barons was just your typical average wife and mother, nothing out of the ordinary. Her life was messy with children, a husband, house work, and everything related with being a normal Mom. But, her life is about to change in ways she never thought possible when a man shows up at her door one summer evening and kidnaps her from her home.

Molly’s hauled off to England to be part of an experiment for a group of five powerful men who run the dark world known as the Creatures. The three vampires, a werewolf King, and an Elvin king all have their hopes set on her to solve all their problems. She is to become a blood slave to the vampires and an incubator for the other two. But, the mindless obedient woman they thought they were going to make through the experiment, wasn’t what they got.

What they got however, is much more than they bargained for.  As Molly’s body begins to transform into a new breed of Creature, a Mixer, her new found abilities weave their way into the depths of her being to change more than just her body, but her character as well. The world of darkness thought that by playing God they could bring forth their salvation, little did they know that one small woman could bring them all to their knees.
Mixers by Jennifer Byars

MixersVampires, their egos, their need to control and dominate, their twisted appetites and their quest to survive as a race, their need for dominance and to have the best of the best.

Think they are the worst of the supernaturals who hide in the shadows of the human world? The same hold true for werewolves and elves, too. It’s all about the control, so when a plan is hatched to create a new species of things that go bump in the night, with the most delectable blood and the ability to procreate for time immortal, they begin the search for the perfect vessels among the human women of the earth.

Making a statement for “older women still being appealing,” Jennifer Byars brings us into the depths of her world with Mixers. So maybe that wasn’t her plan, but when the vamps picked up thirty-nine-year-old Molly, an All American housewife and mother, no one’s life will ever be the same again. Imagine being part of an experiment with creatures you have never even believed existed, welcome to Molly’s new life, as three vamps an Elven King and a Werewolf King find they may have created the perfect “Mixer” but she is nothing like what they expected.
Molly is mysteriously addictive, they crave her, from her scent to her blood to her body, she has become their master in so many ways. Only their brutal inhumanity as one creature metes out punishment through a vicious gang rape and a bullet in her head, does Molly lose her past memories, and becomes like a new slate. The Molly she creates is dark, vengeful and a fighter for justice for all who have been changed against their will.

Step into Jennifer Byars’ world with care, a strong stomach and your righteous anger and don't forget to slip in some compassion, too. Raw, gritty and ominous, this world feels like even the gravity has more weight as one mixer dares those in power to drop to their knees before her. Does Molly have the allies to cause her “makers” to submit to admitting their vile ways and freeing others bound like her? Ms. Byars writes with a dark and bold stroke, not for the squeamish, but her tale has been executed with a masterful hand. Darkly erotic, brutally jagged, this is a twisted tale of love, hate and survival of the fittest. From start to finish, this is intense without a reprieve from the action, so hang on as these five amateur Dr. Frankensteins discover how well they have done in creating their monster.
Hello out there.
Well as you may have guessed, I’m an author.
Now what you might be thinking is, great another new author. And yeah, she wrote another new erotic book… been there, done that!
Well honestly, so had I, and that’s exactly why I started writing!
I’m a mother of six children and have been married for twenty five years. Now I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. I love my family, but let me tell you… there a little crazy! (Shhh!!) So when I sit down and read a book, I  want to become the character, just submerge myself in the story… you know, get lost for a couple hours.
So when I turned forty, and yes there’s more to the story then just that, my children bought me an amazon card for my Kindle so I could  buy as many books as I wanted! My plan was to sit all day relaxing on the couch, sipping chai tea, and buying any and all of the $.99 books to the $5.99 dollar books until my heart was content.
I picked up a book that looked good and started to read, but just a couple pages in I was like, Oh lord another twenty five year old virgin?  I sighed, shrugged it off and continued on. Soon I was back at the kindle store looking for a book with cool more “mature” woman who I could relate to.
That’s when I stumbled across a book where the woman just turned forty, and I was like YES! finally some one will have a fun way of dealing with life, friends, and men! Or so I thought.
So I jumped right in, turning the pages,  flipping through,  getting into the story, and then this character, this woman who would get it, who was cool, said something that shocked me. She said now that she was forty at least she didn’t break out with pimples any more… okay what?! I wish that was the case! Obviously this author had no idea what a woman in her forty’s went through.
It was right then that I stood up from my comfortable spot on the couch and declared to my family…”I can not stand to read one more book about a twenty five year old virgin whose going to get fall in love with some whore of a man! Or a forty year old woman who acts like a twenty five year old virgin! I’m done, I’m writing my own book!”
Yup, that’s what I said, and Yup, that’s how it all started.
I know there are books out there that have leading characters where the woman is a little older, but she’s never seems… cool. I mean, we have forty something men snagging up the twenty year olds, why cant woman have the same kind of fun. I got to tell you the woman I know, from there late thirties to there early fifties, there not sitting around watching Murder she wrote.
No these are vibrant, confident woman that can have as much as a good time as anything or anybody out there. And I thought it was about time to have a heroine that showed that as well. I write books for woman. I love smart woman, and I get so tired of see us portrayed as some wishy washy creature, or some old fuddy-duddy that cant get the guy, hell doesn’t stand a chance in hell to get a good looking guy. Come on, we can give as good as we can get, and then some!
Now what’s this site about? Well, honestly I’ll tell funny stories, have discussions, give little insights of my new books.
Honestly I’m writing all the time. Some times I might have three books that I’m working on at one time. So I hope you enjoy my story, my goofy joke and the books I write.
So please, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and lets have fun! And remember…
Women Rock!
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