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Jon D. Zimmer's An American Dynasty Blast & Giveaway

An American Rags to Riches Story
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An American Dynasty
by Jon D. Zimmer

Publication Date: December 3, 2015
Publisher: Jon D. Zimmer
Genre: Historical Romance
Print Length: 185 pages
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An American Dynasty is the story of one family’s rise from the extreme poverty of the Great Depression to a dynasty of wealth and politics.

They are a family filled with empathy for their fellow countrymen as Jack Gilbert struggles with the paradoxes of the Great Depression: "Why are people hungry when there is enough food for everyone? Why are so many people without shelter when we can provide shelter for everyone? Why is there such an abundance of ignorance when we have the ability to educate everyone?"

They are a family of lust: "…they realize they are naked in a business office on a Sunday morning. Mary epitomizes the moment by getting up from the sofa and dancing naked around the office. Jack is in hysterics."

They are a family of extreme passion.

They are a family that knows death: "He sees one more German still alive…he raises his arm with the pistol in his hand and shoots him twice in the head."

They are a family fearful for their country’s future: "He has one final thought before entering politics. Freedom is not lost, it is stolen, and the thief is absolute wealth.  

 An American Dynasty by Jon D. Zimmer

An American DynastyJack Gilbert had a dream of going to college, to make a difference in the world, but it was the 1930s and the depression stole everyone’s nest eggs, and brought powerful men to their knees and even to their death. Jack begins a journey across the country that will begin the saga of his family and shape their futures for generations to come.

His original journey from the heartland to California and family brought young Jack face to face with the down-trodden, those who have lost everything and the monsters who prey on them. He witnessed human brutality, death and fear. Jack also learned how to manipulate and control situations and in the name of street justice had done things he will never forget, telling himself it is for the greater good and he had no choice. This is the story of An American Dynasty by Jon D. Zimmer.

Follow Jack through his early years struggling to survive and live the American Dream when others were folding up. Careful business moves, calculated risks and a “feeling” that things would go his way made him one of the country’s most influential men, but it won’t save his family from the sins of wealth and power. In spite of their causes and charities, they still become victims of excess, while using money to buy loyalties and cover ups.

Discover each generation’s strengths and weaknesses, their greed, lust and the games the wealthy play when having enough food to eat is not an issue.

Jon D. Zimmer has the potential for an epic saga surrounding one family’s rise to wealth and political clout as each generation grows up and leaves the safe cocoon of their ideals when they must face war and life outside the family wallet. Even good people can become twisted in ever so slight ways, but like a steel rod, twist it enough times and it will become a misshapen caricature of itself. A wonderful plot, great emotional strings, but there was too much detail for the little things, too much repetition of a small action, as if the readers are being force-fed the story to see it as the author sees it. The imagination of a reader lost in a story is phenomenal and the freedom a book allows for interpretation is a gift from the author. It is the difference between giving an order and asking for something. I wanted to visualize my own scenes and I found I could not.
Jack thought that Jeffery's last statement is a little strange. Just as he is about to ask Jeffery what he means, he hears a loud thud. Jeffery's eyes close as he slumps forward, and lay still at the bottom of their space in the  gully. There is enough moon light to see blood coming from the back of his head. Jack is frozen in his spot as he hears a voice coming towards him.
 "I think I hit that queer." Then four men appear on the edge of the gulley. The same voice says, "That's him. I got him. I got the queer bastard." He looks at Jack and says, You ain't no queer are you?" Jack, still frozen, shakes his head in a negative reply. The man looks Jack over, then continues, " It's because of him that all of that trouble began. God don't like queers, their an abomination." After hearing that,  the other three men walk off. The one who threw the pipe stays for a second, looks at Jeffery, still motionless on the ground, and then rushes off to join the others.
 Jack hears a voice  coming from the group of the three men who left first say, "Go join god, not us."
Jack finally moves, he crawls over to where Jeffery is laying. He calls his name several times, but there is no response. He turns him over on his back and listens for a heartbeat. There is one. He again tries to wake him. He grabs Jeffery's shoulders, and gently shakes him while softly calling out his name. There is still no response
Jeffery has a small bag containing some clothes, Jack takes out a tee shirt and puts it under his head. Jeffery is still alive, and there is nothing Jack can do to help. He is in the middle of a wilderness with no one around. He thinks of trying to carry Jeffery the two or three miles back to the town they just left, but he is afraid he might worsen Jeffery's condition with all of the movement. He has never felt so alone, and so helpless in his life.
He needs to do something. He decides to take the chance, and carry Jeffery back to the town they just left, and look for a hospital. He picks him up and puts him over his shoulder. Jeffery is still motionless and silent. He is much heavier than Jack thought. After about a half mile, Jack hears a gasp from Jeffery. He puts him down and tries to communicate with him. He jostles him, speaks to him, nothing. He listens to his heart, nothing, Jeffery is dead.
 Jack just sits on the ground and looks at him. He has  known him for less than an hour, yet he feels an eternal bond. He is no different than Jeffery, struggling to survive, looking for a safe haven, trying to find himself in a world of organized suffering and poverty.
Jack buries Jeffery. He scoops as much dirt as he can with his knife, to create a shallow dent in the terrain. He puts Jeffery in, places the tee shirt gently over his face and covers as much of him as he can with dirt, then he gathers pebbles and rocks for the short remainder of the night, and places them over the dirt. By sunrise he has constructed a grave site for Jeffery.
 Jack isn't sure about the existence of god, but he stands by the grave and says a prayer. It isn't one of those obsequious sonnets that one learns in Sunday school and church, and repeats ten thousand times in their life, he simply says, aloud, "It isn't the dignity of the burial service, or the words of praise from those attending the service," he stops and chuckles, " That's me." Then continues, "That means a damn thing, It's the life you led, the life void of hate, prejudice and greed, the life filled with love for everything, is the life that matters, and even though I've only known you for an hour, that's long enough to know, yours was the life of love."
Jack feels good, he is able to put things into perspective, both for himself and for Jeffery. He also vows never to let that feeling of helplessness overcome him again. He acted and did the right thing for Jeffery. He vows that from this day forward he will act, rather than wait for time, or events to make his choices.
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Jon Zimmer graduated from Cal State Northridge, California with a degree in business. He started his career in business, ultimately managing several divisions of two large corporations. He was also involved in the start-up of two businesses, one of which he became the owner.

He took up writing as a hobby, creating several short stories during his business career. It was then that he knew that writing was for him. However, he stayed in business, took an early retirement, and finally began his chosen career as a writer.

He has always been an avid reader, and a political activist. Zimmer has had three other novels published in the past several years: The Trinity Pact, a political fantasy, The Cozy Place, (Romance/Mystery),and Generations – Birth of an American Aristocracy (Historical Fiction).

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