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Knight Defenders by Victoria Sue

Knight Defenders
by Victoria Sue

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Knights Defenders - Book 1
Publisher: Victoria Sue; 1 edition
Publication Date: February 16, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 202 pages
Available from: Amazon

Gwen wanted to believe that her real first name – Guinevere – was nothing more than the byproduct of her father's obsession with the legends of Merlin, an obsession that had cost him his job and ultimately ruined both their lives.

Yet, when she encounters a monster in a dark alley bent on killing her and meets Lance, her movie-star gorgeous rescuer who explains the truth about them and who he is – Lancelot, from King Arthur's court – there's no way she can believe that he's just some insane man who claims to still be answering King Arthur’s battle cry after fifteen hundred years, especially when she meets the other knights and discovers she is being targeted by beasts sent to hunt them long ago by the evil witch, Morgan Le Fey.

Gwen is pulled into a battle for her life. But as the pieces in a complex plan put together by Merlin himself fall in place and Gwen with the knights pursues the source of Morgan's evil, she is soon afraid for much more than her life, for Lance wins her affection, and soon her heart. Is it a true love? Will Lancelot still fight for Guinevere? Will he pick up his sword as he did for hundreds of years, or will he realize that despite his vow, he didn’t really love Gwen but a medieval queen that had been dead for over a thousand years?  

Knight Defenders by Victoria Sue

Knight DefendersHer father was obsessed with tales of Merlin and his obsession led to her name of Guinevere and the total disruption of their lives. Gwen knew all of the tales, of the magical sorcerer, of the Knights of the Round Table, but the night she was attacked in a dark alley, all the tales she heard came to life when a powerful and handsome man rescued her in knightly fashion. His name was Lance, and yes, he was THE Sir Lancelot, knight to King Arthur, and he was immortal. What would you think? Gwen wasn’t too sure, was he crazy or could he really be fifteen hundred years old? Was it true that she was something special to him, that she was the Guinevere of old or was it just the musings of a man besotted? What sane and rational woman would believe this warrior is her soulmate?

Evil is coming for a select few people and Gwen is one of them, could it be possible the dastardly Morgan Le Fey is behind this curse? Could all she has heard be real? Is Merlin really gone or is he also part of this game of cat and mouse? Is Gwen falling for the knight? What if he realizes she is not his Lady Guinevere? There will be battles, chaos and confusion, the honor of the knights will shine through and the strength of a woman drawn into “fairytales and legends” will be tested, but not without a few chuckles and tension along the way.

Grab your swords, prepare for battle, to defend the world against evil and to save yourself. Immortals cannot die, but mortals can, and Gwen has the heart of a lion. Knight Defenders by Victoria Sue is a fun read, with humor, the unbelievable, one woman with sass and attitude, as well as a heart as big Texas and one brave knight who just may be falling for the right woman at the right time. Enjoy the magic, the action and the mystery of King Arthur’s men. Fun reading! Fast reading! The author, Victoria Sue has done a stand up job of blending myth, magic and mirth in a magnetic page turner!

I received this ARC edition from Victoria Sue in exchange for my honest review. I have no personal or professional relationship with this author.

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