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Larry Goes To Space by Alan Black

Larry Goes To Space
by Alan Black

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Alan Black
Publication Date: January 20, 2016
Genre: Science Fiction | Humor | Space Opera
Print Length: 240 pages
Available from: Amazon
Larry enjoyed raising cattle on his Kansas farm, until the aliens arrived. He couldn’t help himself; he was going for a ride with aliens from outer space! The aliens wouldn’t tell him where he was going, how long he would be gone, or if he was ever coming back, but a space trip sounded like more fun than beer and burgers at Benny’s Been There and Done That Bar and Grill. He had to go. Larry’s ride into deep space wasn’t just a Sunday jaunt. This space-faring species was in danger of being wiped off the galactic map. They offered Larry a ride because his assistance was vital to their survival, but they were xenophobic to the point of barely tolerating Larry in the same room. He was willing to help, but what could he do? Could he live long enough to save himself? What skills did Larry have to save an alien species threatened with annihilation? Every time he asked them for information, they stonewalled him.

Larry Goes To Space by Alan Black 

Larry Goes To SpaceAt first glance, Larry is a simple-minded beef farmer in Kansas who must spend far too much time alone with his cattle, his farm equipment and his dubiously loyal dog. Then the aliens came. No, not the green aliens who come to invade, eat or takeover humanity, but little creatures with a strong resemblance to earth creatures. After Larry takes it up on himself to welcome them, Larry finds he is in for a ride that is out of this world! All he has to do is be the savior of their species. Can Larry do it? Does he understand what he is getting into?

Alan Black’s Larry Goes to Space is not, let me repeat, NOT a typical science fiction read. Filled with tongue-in-cheek dialogue and an inner monologue from Larry that will have you in stitches once you pick up on the cheesy humor, this is definitely light reading with a gutsy twist. Ever heard a man talk to his farm equipment and understand what it is saying? We all talk to our dog, so that isn’t unusual, but being in Larry’s head is at once frightening and reading what comes out of his mouth, is, well, let’s just say, embarrassingly strange.

That said the author has injected amazing wonderfacts that are REAL! There is actually a hidden education, once you settle into the pace and style, which to say the least is unique. If you are looking to relax, picture the stereotypical UFO sighting and follow the mind trail of these diverse characters, it becomes more of a statement of the human condition. Being set where it was, sounded like the author took advantage of reported UFO sightings and ran with it, kind of like “the rest of the story” from the local supermarket rag! Let go of reality, wipe your brain clean and you WILL see how entertaining this book can be!

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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