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Let There Be Dragons by Kim Cormack (The Children of Ankh, #3)

Let There Be Dragons
by Kim Cormack

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Children of Ankh - Book 3
Publication Date: February 14, 2016
Publisher: Mythomedia Press
Print Length: 334 pages
Available from: Amazon
Kayn begins her immortal life in Clan Ankh as the clan’s second Dragon. Zach, is now her Handler and they both have issues with the situation. The five survivors of the Testing struggle to accept their new duties as they are thrown into situations far beyond their ability level. There is no longer a line between her twin’s memories and her own. They are now truly one being. Our heroine makes more than a few mistakes, while learning to use her Conduit ability. Kayn feeds from Frost’s energy and lights a match within her soul. This causes the need for him she has always felt to overwhelm her every thought. She learns how to manage the Dragon that resides within her with the help of Zach as they fall into their fated roles. Kayn begins to accept the loss of the girl she once was by embracing the Dragon she has become. She finds joy in the pleasures of adulthood as she succumbs to her feelings for Frost. This is a tale about one girl’s evolution as she loses everything in order to become something far greater. There is beauty in letting go.

 Let There Be Dragons by Kim Cormack
(The Children of Ankh, #3)

Let There Be DragonsKayn has faced the impossible, the deadly and she has come through the other side, untied with her twin sister’s soul and struggling with the tempest of emotions it creates. She is beginning her immortal life with clan Ankh, gifted as a dragon, a fierce and special warrior, she and her team must come to grips with their abilities and their new lives as they are thrown headlong into battles and situations they are not prepared for.

Her former best friend and boyfriend, Kevin has betrayed Kayn in the most brutal of ways, breaking her heart and aiding in her becoming the heartless dragon she is. Frost is now on her mind, but he belonged to her twin, so Kayn is confused, it is her feelings for Frost, or her sister’s that she feels? Trapped in a world of darkness within her soul, she is not the girl she once was, but her team needs her to learn to deal with her nightmares and step up to the plate when times are the toughest. Kayn is evolving in a world she doesn’t quite understand.

Let There Be Dragons by Kim Cormack is, as she says, not a fantasy, this is a new and brutal reality for Kayn and the Ankh. Fast-paced, charged with tension and confusion, follow along as these five team members learn to work together, fight together and live together as equals and family. Kayn is an amazing heroine, scared, scarred and unsure, she toughs her way through each day giving it her all, including her heart to her new family. Her largest personal turmoil comes from her twisted emotional feelings for one who betrayed her and one she is drawn to. Is she ready for what happens next or the revelations that will be revealed?

Brilliant in a dark way, a little more grown up than previous books in the series, Let There Be Dragons could be a game changer for anyone on the fence about reading the Children of Ankh series…I say do it as we cross over from YA to NA with ease and a feeling of natural progression!

I received this ARC edition from Kim Cormack in exchange for my honest review.

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