Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lettuce Read Wills by Una Tiers

Lettuce Read Wills
by Una Tiers

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Fiona Gavelle
Publication Date: February 1, 2016
Genre: Will/Trust Info
Print Length: 84 pages
Available from: Amazon
This short and sweet book of blogs looks at Wills of the rich and famous and teaches us they are just like us. See the prescience Elvis displayed, and the error Lucille Ball probably made.
This book also contains excerpts of the Una Tiers mysteries as part of my evil plan to lure readers over to the dark side to read a few samples of the mysteries of Una Tiers.
This book is a hybrid, it reports on real life and has samples from mysteries. The connection? Real life gives us material to write fiction.

Lettuce Read Wills by Una Tiers

Lettuce Read WillsFor sure, talking about wills and estates and living trusts are not cocktail time topics, but they are a reality of life and death. Remember the phrase, “There is nothing sure except death and taxes?” Well here is a chance to think about that by discovering how the rich and famous do it, or not as some failed to do. One definitely doesn’t need to be Howard Hughes rich, but one should think about how to make sure your wishes for your estate are carried out without the interference of the government or battling relatives. Do you have a Living Will or a Trust or anything? Unless you give everything away and know the exact moment you will depart this world, get one.

While you are thinking about that, Una Tiers invites you to take a brief look at her books! A unique way to spread the word on her fiction while giving an interesting accounting of the wills of familiar names. Now that is cocktail party banter. Come on, with a clever title like Lettuce Read Wills how could you not like being informed?

I received an ARC edition from Una Tiers in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Thanks Dianna. It was a sneaky way to get people to look at estate planning. Wills are only one component.
    Thank you so much for your review and your tweets.
    I'll check back for comments and to give away a book or two.