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New Year's Resolution: ONE TO KEEP by Ev Bishop (River's Sigh B&B Novella)

New Year's Resolution: ONE TO KEEP
by Ev Bishop

My rating: 5 stars

Series: River's Sigh B&B Novella
Publisher: Winding Path Books
Publication Date: December 13, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 128 pages

 It’s been two years since Sophie was dumped at the altar, and she’s scarred, but wiser. She has a career she loves, good friends, and a caring family. It should be more than enough, and she wants to vanquish the part of her that still craves something more.

This year, unable to bear one more “festive” get together where everyone gives her sad eyes and asks how she’s doing, she heads to River’s Sigh B & B, a picturesque spot she discovered online. It will be a New Year’s celebration for one, a place to unwind and kick off her new resolution: to embrace single life as a permanent choice.

Jesse Ales has found the perfect way to avoid the world this holiday season. He’ll be the caretaker at River’s Sigh B & B and enjoy a break from well-meaning friends who think he should be over his ex-wife. The whole place will be deserted, except for some eccentric old woman holidaying alone in the wilderness. Even after making her breakfast every day, he’ll have plenty of time to plan his new life: committed bachelorhood.

When chance throws Sophie and Jesse together in a pub, a night of alcohol, food, and laughter-infused lunacy almost leads to a one-night stand. They’re both shaken, but doubly resolved to remain single.

And then they meet again at River's Sigh and realize they’re about to spend a week alone together—twenty miles from their nearest neighbor. They’ll each have to face their worst fears: their own unacknowledged yearnings for a love that lasts.

Can love tempt them to commitment a second time around?

Maybe. If they’re brave enough . . .
New Year's Resolution: ONE TO KEEP  by Ev Bishop 
(River's Sigh B&B Novella)
New Year's Resolution: ONE TO KEEP (River's Sigh B & B)Two people turned off, turned down and cut loose from their forever romances have no plans of ever being trapped by the “L” word, again. Sophie was dumped at the altar and is currently in the process of making herself the most=self-sufficient, independent woman ever, so a Christmas/New Years vacation at a secluded Bed and Breakfast sounded delightful. Guess where she chose? River’s Sigh B&B, where only the caretaker was on staff during her visit.

Jesse was glad for the solitude of River’s Sigh, no meddling family matchmakers, just peace and quiet, one guest, easy stuff. Well, melt my snowman, the heat and teasing is just getting warmed up between these two when their own fears, pasts and misunderstandings pull the brakes on what could have been a great, stress relieving fling. Who knew two people who were cast off by others finally become The One to Keep?

Ev Bishop is back, flooding her pages with more humor, heart and sweet romance! To watch one adult woman just going for what makes her happy, from building snowmen to wanting the hot caretaker to warm her bed is priceless and will make you smile! And Jesse? Imagine that bumbling guy who is trying so hard to be a gentleman, while messing it up so badly that he becomes the most adorable hunk around! Follow the town gossip, the budding romance between two people in total denial and the magical power of the River’s Sigh bring one more couple t their knees, but will they make it to the altar? Marriage isn’t for everyone…

Grin-worthy reading that flows along over the bumps and dips of romance, only a record-setting snowstorm could make this even better!

I received this copy from Ev Bishop in exchange for my honest review.

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