Monday, February 22, 2016

Nights On Broadway by Mindy Haig (The Wishing Place/The White Room Book 3)

Nights On Broadway
by Mindy Haig

My rating: 5 stars

Jesse Ianescu is a man striving to make his way in the world after family tragedy leaves him struggling to put himself through college and law school.
Jade Hartzog is a disenchanted princess trying to find something real to hold on to.
A song woven into a dream connects two people from different worlds.

When Jesse suffers an injury at work, Jade can't bear to see him in pain and forces her way into his private life. An event from the past comes back into play as the two struggle to figure out how love works and if dreams really can come true. The past can open the door to the future but only if Jesse will embrace it and believe in the magic inside himself.

Nights on Broadway is a Novella spin off from The White Room.

Nights On Broadway by Mindy Haig 
(The Wishing Place/The White Room Book 3) 

Nights On Broadway (The Wishing Place/The White Room Book 3)Sometimes a character just stays with you and you never find out how they fared after a series ends. Jesse is one of those characters, the one who lost in love, the one who deserves to find his own happily ever after. Nights on Broadway a sweet novella by Mindy Haig follows Jesse as he continues to struggle to find his way in the world, who has had great tragedy in his life and is now injured at work. First thing you ask is, why him, why Jesse? Mindy Haig’s answer is because it wasn’t his time, but his time has come and a song will be the vehicle to connect two people from different worlds. Follow Jesse and his real princess, Jade as they discover their own kind of magic, all thanks to the magic of the Wishing Place and the White Room.

Mindy Haig writes with heart and a gentle voice, showing her connection to her characters by the way she draws them with warmth. If you like a little fantasy in your romance, and enjoy the sweetness love can find, here is the rest of Jesse’s story.

Nights on Broadway is bonus material that wrapped up the series. It's not for sale, but it is free on Smashwords. Readers are welcome to contact Mindy Haig and she will send a copy of the Novella or you can go over to Smashwords and download it. Links available from author.

I received this review copy from the author, Mindy Haig in exchange for my honest review.

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