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Noose by Marata Eros


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Written by: Marata Eros
Print Length: 565 pages
Publisher: Tamara Rose Blodgett
Publication Date: February 11, 2016
Genre: MC Romantic Suspense

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Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Noose-Road-Kill...

A smorgasbord of sweet butts, one for every taste.

Noose has a sweet tooth that won't quit, and a clubwhore to suit his every need. Being a part of the Road Kill Motorcycle Club isn't a hard choice for Noose. A former Navy Seal and expert knotter, he's seen realtime choices—in circumstances most never do.

It's killing road. Women and freedom are the benefits of being a one percenter.

Until Rose Christo comes along and slams the brakes on his outlaw existence.

Rose Christo knows death.
Murder stole her sister, and gave her a son that's not hers.
Love doesn't come in neat packages; it comes in the form of a five-year-old boy.

Love is packaged in a man that tears out her heart with a brutal sexuality that strips Rose of her most sacred vow.

Never count on a man.
Never love.

When her sister's murderer comes calling, demanding his property, who does Rose trust?

My Review:
Noose (Road Kill MC, #1)Noose by Marata Eros

Noose is a sizzling novella by Marata Eros, she hits the pages with a fire filled pen in an all new genre, MC romantic suspense.

Caught up in a world of motor cycle gangs, Rose is doing everything she can to keep her nephew safe from his abusive father…who may have killed Rose’s sister.

In rides Noose, a former SEAL and a member of the Road Kill Motorcycle club. He’s never wanted a woman more than once before but there is just something about Rose. Noose must decide whether he wants to put his entire club in jeopardy for Rose. To protect her, surely would mean war.

Grab the fire extinguisher and an ice cold glass of tea, you are going to need it. If you are a MC fan, Noose is a blistering hot novella that shouldn’t be missed.

I received this copy of Noose from Marata Eros in exchange for a honest review.

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