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Petrocelli by John Rachel

by John Rachel

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Literary Vagabond Books
Publication Date: October 30, 2015
Genre: Thriller | Suspense
Print Length: 328 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Lenny Petrocelli had always been a slacker, a mediocre low-life, getting by on his good looks and street smarts. One day he woke up. Entangled by his gangland bosses in the web of child prostitution and human trafficking, he was being set up as the fall guy to take the rap, if the horrifying but lucrative enterprise went down.

Seeing the violence and abuse young girls from Asia were subjected to in the gruesome world of sex slavery, Lenny did the most difficult but the most important thing in his entire life: He became a better person. Now he would risk everything, even his life, to put an end to this savage exploitation.

Peer into this awful world. See it through Lenny’s eyes. Discover what’s possible even in the face of the worst, most pernicious evil and cruelty.

Embrace the promise of redemption and the power of love.

If this gritty novel rings true, it’s for good reason. “Petrocelli” is based on actual stories from a violent and gruesome under-world, where millions of children and adolescents across the globe are held in bondage as slaves.

Petrocelli by John Rachel

PetrocelliEven members of the underworld can have a conscience, at least Lenny Petrocelli found his as the street smart thug discovers he has no stomach for the human trafficking that is bringing in millions for the mob. Unfortunately, the bottom-feeding mob has no stomach for a man who dares to disagree with the “party line,” that money, power and loyalty are everything, setting him up to be the fall guy should the lucrative skin trade go south and be exposed. Follow along as Lenny witnesses the brutality, the cold-hearted abuse and the end of innocence for young teen girls from Asia.

Lenny has known brutality from his own, and he has known kindness from enslaved young girls as he lies near death at one point. From that day forward, he has vowed to do what he can to unravel the chains of evil and inhumanity suffered by mere children for the vile pleasures of twisted men of money and power. Is this his act of attrition for the life he led or has that smoldering and sputtering spark of goodness still within him being fanned by what he sees?

John Rachel's Petrocelli is far from light or fast reading, this is a dark a gritty look at one of the most heinous crimes humans can inflict on another. Expect to feel uncomfortable, there are no picket fences for these young girls, no comforts of their home, only rape, torture and abuse for being attractive, young and poverty-stricken in a world foreign to all they have known. Some will succumb to “the life.” Some would rather face death and this is a stark look at what happens. Mr. Rachel’s words will cut like a jagged blade; his scenes will put your stomach in knots throughout this extremely well-written tale. If you’re looking for something to feel strongly about, right down to the marrow of your bones, be prepared to see the world in a different light, far removed from the one you know. Powerful reading, meant to disturb and to burrow into your mind long after that last page.

I received this review copy from the author, John Rachel in exchange for my honest review.

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