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Sidereus Nuncius by Ethan Howard

Sidereus Nuncius
by Ethan Howard

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Element√°
Publication Date: October 9, 2015
Genre: Science Fiction
Print Length: 146 pages
Available from: Amazon
Good vs. evil. Two sides of the same coin deadlocked for centuries. A victor in this ultimate struggle has finally emerged on Earth. Or so it seems. In 2018, mankind has been seduced by the promise of paradise. For most, life is good and even better days remain ahead. Unknown to the population at large, the third and final great evil has absolute authority over the world's economy, politics, religion and media. Insidious forces are everywhere, lurking, unseen. Nothing is what it appears to be. Earth is headed for dark times. Then a powerful and enigmatic stranger arrives from the stars. He will either save the human race or accelerate a series of events that will lead Earth inexorably to its destruction.

 Sidereus Nuncius by Ethan Howard

Sidereus NunciusThe year is 2018, the world is reaping the benefits of prosperity and the promises of more. Are these promises real or is there something evil behind them? Are the religious beliefs of the masses simply the machinations of advanced alien races? Earth is a disappointment to those who had hoped for more, there is a failure to thrive, to advance at the same rate as the universe. Time after time powerful aliens have come to Earth and time after time, the results have not changed, and now it is Quentin’s turn to investigate for his leaders. He is to do nothing, observe and report, what he didn’t foresee was that a small human woman and her young son could come between his sworn duty and the heart he didn’t know he had. Should Earth be given up as a lost cause or is there more to this planet than meets the eye?

Ethan Howard has combined the elements of science fiction, romance and spirituality, as well as the eternal battle between good and evil, creating a fascinating future look at our world. His characters range from strong, yet silent aliens, aliens that have integrated into the Earth “way,” humans with deep spiritual beliefs that guide their lives while being open to the possibility of otherworldly beings. He has even included a puppet for evil, one that seems to have sold his soul to dark aliens who have their own agenda. Clever plot, good delivery and thought-provoking words, is this a future look at our world? For readers who like to think outside of the box and ponder the what ifs of life, I think you are going to find Sidereus Nuncius right up your alley!

I received this copy from the author, Ethan Howard in exchange for my honest review.


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