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Strike a Poser by Dylan Edward Asher

Strike a Poser
by Dylan Edward Asher

My rating: 3 Stars

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Publication Date: October 19, 2015
ISBN: 1457540673
Genre: Crime Caper
Print Length: 175 pages
Available from: Amazon

Professional con artist, Olivia, assembles a team to pull off a savvy, complex and perhaps borderline ridiculous scheme in the theme park land of Orlando, Florida. FOREWORD REVIEWS calls it “a successful combination of crime caper, humor, and social satire, as it simultaneously spoofs the consumerism of theme parks and conventions of the heist genre.”

(full synopsis)
Olivia, a professional con artist, is putting together a team. Along with her current accomplice, Jillian, she figures they'll need two more as they case a millionaire named Jerry Mallore, having followed him to, of all places, the theme park land of Orlando, Florida.

Olivia quickly locates an old flame from way back named Jack. An ex-scammer himself, he's long since gone straight, working as a bar manager of an Irish restaurant just outside the wacky theme parks. His uniform involves kilts. She knows he'll be in.

Joining up with Jack, and ultimately his younger brother Kip, they set out to get between Jerry and his shady cash transaction. The plan? Savvy. Complex. Borderline ridiculous. But it'll be flat-out brilliant if they can pull it off, creating the ultimate illusion in the land of illusions, and ultimately relieving Jerry of hundreds of thousands of dollars and leaving him, quite literally, not even sure what day it is

Strike a Poser by Dylan Edward Asher

Strike a PoserWhen a beautiful professional con artist from Jack’s dark past shows up with a “fool-proof” plan to make a huge money payoff, he must decide, is he ready to get back into the business. Olivia’s plan is almost too good to be true, detailed, timed to perfection and difficult to pull off, the idea is to con the con men and walk away rich.

Welcome to the sometimes humorous, often underhanded, and pretty coarse world of thieves who are into the thick of trouble in the fantasy world of Orlando and its many theme parks. Big money, big plans and one little mistake or oversight could bring everything down. Enter the world of theme parks, anti-heroes and see if you can find out who is cheating who and who is going to get caught.

Strike a Poser by Dylan Edward Asher is a tongue-in-cheek look at the plastic world of fantasy and entertainment, criminals and crime, all without giving us a real hero. Glossing over character depth, the humor and dialogue, as well as the unlikely team put together provide some light entertainment without any real sense of seriousness. If you are looking for a great escape into a spoof-like crime caper, this should do it! Light on meat, full of attitude, not for the serious crime buff.

I received this copy from Dylan Edward Asher in exchange for my honest review.

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