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The Promise of Rainbows by Ava Miles (Dare River, #4)

The Promise of Rainbows
by Ava Miles

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Dare River - Book 4
Publisher: Ava Miles, Inc.
Publication Date: January 13, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 319 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
The Dare River series continues...

When military veteran and country music star Jake Lassiter hires Susannah McGuiness as his interior decorator, she has no idea he carries a secret so great it will change the love developing between them. 

Jake Lassiter was a bona fide hero in the military before a tragedy in war changed his life forever. Now he’s a rising country music star, intent on healing the world and himself through his music. But his past still haunts him…
When Jake hires girl-next-door interior decorator Susannah McGuiness, he sees a kindred spirit and a woman who pulls at his soul. The first sparks of hope fire in him, the kind that can heal all the wounds he still carries inside. For a man resigned to never having a happily ever after, Susannah sure has him dreaming about one.
Susannah has always believed in the promise of rainbows, even when times are tough. She’s known some hard times herself and connects with Jake on a level she’s never known. In this hero, she doesn’t see a broken man, but one who’s risen again and again to life’s challenges. But Jake must heal his secret wounds to claim the love of his dreams.

The Promise of Rainbows by Ava Miles (Dare River, #4)

The Promise of Rainbows (Dare River, #4)There is more than one strong emotional message in Ava Miles’ The Promise of Rainbows. Jake is a rising country music star. His songs all allow him to vocalize his feelings, his fears, doubts, guilt and even love. His hope, he can help heal others, too, but demons from his past as a soldier in battle will not let the grip of PTSD loosen. There is something special bout Susannah, she is like a beacon to his soul and he recognizes a woman who has suffered in her own life. What better way to get to know her than to hire her to give life to his home that is as barren as his heart? Is he grasping at straws or can Susannah breathe life into his heart? Can Susannah ignore their attraction or does she, too see a man who needs to be released from his personal prison with the key she may hold?

The Promise of Rainbows combines the small town heart found within all of Ms. Miles’ works, as well as her ability to draw on more than physical attraction. Ms. Miles has carefully approached an all too real problem of PTSD and the victims it claims, no matter the cause. Follow along as two people reach out for the strength from many directions, be it by communicating via a spiritual belief, emotional attachments and the trust to open up about what is in their hearts.

The Promise of Rainbows brings romance to the forefront as a major, yet not the only option for her two main characters to begin again and let the past go. Warm, heart-wrenching and realistic characters bring this tale to life with a plot that is magnetic.

I received this copy from author, Ava Miles in exchange for my honest review. We have no personal attachment or business relationships.


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