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The Valles Caldera by Gary L. Stuart

The Valles Caldera
by Gary L Stuart

My rating: 3.5 stars

Publisher: Gleason & Wall Publishing
Publication Date: December 1, 2015
Genre: Western
Print Length: 300 pages
Available from: Amazon
The Valles Caldera in New Mexico is the setting for Book Two of the Angus series of novels. More than a million years ago, a volcanic eruption created a 13-mile wide enclosed caldera filled with water. High mountain peaks formed from ring fractures dominate the caldera. It became a life sustaining place for generations of Indians, Hispanics, and Anglos.

This novel is about the epic battle between U.S. Marshal, Angus Esparazza, and a bad hombre named Mendoza-Mendoza, on the rim of the Valles Caldera. Mendoza and his men were tracking Angus up the Rio Grande to the confluence of the Rio Chama looking for a kill shot. Earlier, Angus had insulted Mendoza's chest-pumping sons in the little village of Bernalillo. That insult came from the muzzle of Angus's custom-made, .45 caliber, Colt single-action pistol. Angus was not after Mendoza or his boys; he was investigating one of New Mexico's most famous legal cases--the hanging of Albuquerque Town Marshal Milton J. Yarberry in 1885. Yarberry, one of the state's most colorful historical characters, was hung by the "jerk method" in downtown Albuquerque. After witnessing that grim event, Angus meets Jill Garrison, a fictional character, who changes him in ways he could never have imagined. She was New Mexico's first female gunsmith and its first high-end shooting instructor. In the end, Angus and a seven-man mounted posse cross the Rio Grande at Santa Fe to arrest Mendoza and his men. They ride all the way across the M/ ranch to the upper rim of the Valles Caldera. There, all hell breaks out.
The Valles Caldera by Gary L. Stuart

Saddle up, partners, we are heading back to the old West where guns ruled the land and only the strong survive. One man, on a mission, U.S. Marshal Angus Esparazza is being tracked by Mendoza-Mendoza on a mission for revenge. It was all a matter of perspective, Angus shot one of Mendoza’s sons and it seems it didn’t’ matter who was in the wrong, Angus was going down.

Follow Angus as he epitomizes the over-the-top western hero, the guy in the white hat who preferred talking to animals, especially his horse to talking to humans. Of course, give him one savvy gun toting lady and things could change. If Angus comes out alive, that is.

Are you a Western fan? This is for you! Although book two in the series, it appeared to stand alone. The Valles Caldera by Gary L. Stuart is everything an old time western should be, larger than life, a little funny and full of rough and tumble adventure and a few shoot outs. A fun read.

I received this copy from Gary L. Stuart in exchange for my honest review.

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