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To Rome with Love by Mandi Benet

To Rome With Love
by Mandi Benet

My rating: 4.5 stars

Series: Love in the City - Book 1
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Publication Date: February 10, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 268 pages
Available from: Amazon
When Gaby Conte’s Italian husband, Danieli, abandons her for a young Peruvian waitress at a restaurant they co-own in San Francisco, Gaby seeks refuge in Rome with her best friend, Maria. There, she swears off romance for a long while and Italian men forever. That’s until she meets Silvio, who belongs to an old, aristocratic Roman family and lives in a palace alongside the best private art collection in Rome. Silvio, who is the cousin of Maria’s husband, is going through his own divorce. He’s gorgeous, of course, which Gaby doesn’t tell him. And arrogant and condescending, which she does. The last thing Gaby needs is more Italian trouble, but the attraction is instant and powerful, and against the backdrop of one of the world’s most romantic cities, both try—and fail—to resist the chemistry between them. But both Gaby and Silvio have made a rule never to make the mistake of trusting in love again. Will they realize some rules are made just to be broken?

 To Rome with Love by Mandi Benet

To Rome With LoveOh yes, love the Italian way, passion, drama, a pinch of humor and living life to the fullest, To Rome with Love by Mandi Benet is a colorful tale of romance and second chances. Gaby has lost in love, her cheating husband leaving her behind, she takes her anger and her broken heart and travels to Italy to visit with her best friend. Silvio has his own problems with love, cheating and a pending divorce, but the feisty American has caught his eye and it is game on, the Italian edition! Will they mix like oil and vinegar or will they find that maybe there is hope for love, the second time around.

Will the aristocratic living sculpture of a man win Gaby’s heart, in spite of her rule to avoid love especially with an Italian man? Their chemistry is off the charts, but both have bruises to heal but maybe the best remedy is to follow one’s heart and desires and take a chance on love, just one more time.

Mandi Benet treats each word and each page as part a beautiful song to love with embellished descriptions, heightened emotions and simply sigh-worthy moments of heat, passion and even play. Her characters are fully developed and come to life like in glorious color! Follow along as they play the game of love, while missing signals and hesitating to take that final step to the admission of love!

I received an ARC edition from the author in exchange for my honest review. We have no personal or professional connections.

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