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Wedding Bands by Ev Bishop (River's Sigh B&B, #1)

Wedding Bands
by Ev Bishop

My rating: 5 stars

Series: River's Sigh B&B - Book 1
Publisher: Winding Path Books
Publication Date: January 11, 2015
Genre: Romance | Family Life
Print Length: 308 pages
Available from: Amazon
Ditched by her high school sweetheart, Callum Archer, on the night they’re supposed to elope, Jo Kendall casts out on her own, brokenhearted.

Over the years, Jo reels in a life she loves, centered on the outdoors, fishing (favoring a lucky wedding band lure), and her fine dining restaurant—a life that crashes away when her husband and business partner cheats her, leaving her bankrupt and alone.

Then her uncle dies, bequeathing Jo and her sister, Samantha, his rural property. Jo returns to Greenridge, determined to build a new business and permanent home—without the help of a man. Unfortunately Samantha wants her inheritance in cold, hard cash and hires a lawyer to get it for her, a lawyer who turns out to be none other than Jo’s long-lost love, Callum.

Jo’s fledgling plans—and her heart—are at risk once more.

If Jo can fight her insecurities, she might end up with a wedding band that doesn’t come with a sharp hook. But should she risk everything she’s worked for, yet again? Before she can decide, she needs to know: can a lost love truly be reclaimed?  

Wedding Bands by Ev Bishop (River's Sigh B&B, #1)

Wedding Bands (River's Sigh Bed and Breakfast Book 1)Their young love was crushed under the weight of family pressures, insecurities and miscommunication. Jo never forgot Callum or the pain he caused her when he never showed on the night they were to defy everyone and cement their love. She left town, he stayed and now years later, Jo has returned and is embroiled in a legal battle over an inheritance left to her and her sister, and Callum is his sister’s legal advisor. Callum is cold, hard and condescending, but Jo cannot help but wonder why, he is the one who walked out on her, the one who did not love her enough or believe in her enough and his reaction to seeing her and her attempt to hang on to her inheritance only solidified her pain of the past.

Was there more to their ill-fated romance? Would the pain from the past prevent them from trusting enough to talk about the future they missed out on? Will every dream Jo has become a living nightmare? Her hopes for a bed & breakfast are vanishing, she has failed in business and love before and now a second chance at true love is becoming another dream just out of reach. Is there more to Callum and his feelings than meets the eye? Could his hot and cold attitude be hiding his own inner fears and hopes? Would it be too much to hope for love? The sands of time have blown like a hurricane for these two souls, but one letter may be the key to learning to share.

Ev Bishop’s Wedding Bands is a strong cornerstone to set up the River’s Sigh B & B series of warm and wonderful romances in a small town where everyone knows what everyone is up to.

Ms. Bishop uses strong characters who are flawed, sometimes a little too headstrong and prideful, sometimes too afraid to bare their inner souls and sometimes so wrapped up in protecting themselves that they do not see or hear what is right in front of them. Follow the journey that Jo and Callum take as they learn that true love never dies, but it will wilt in the hearts of those who are afraid to take a chance.

I received this copy from Ev Bishop in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. I absolutely loved this book! You're right that it's a good cornerstone for the rest of the series. I just started the latest in the series last night - SPOONS - and it's different again. That is one of the things that I love about this series, each of the stories is as unique as their very real and relatable characters. I'm so glad that you decided to review it and spread the word about an awesome series!