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A Taste of Fire by Hannah Howell

A Taste of Fire

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Written by: Hannah Howell
Print Length: 448 pages
Publisher: Zebra; Reprint edition
Publication Date: March 29, 2016
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
ASIN: B0120AT2S8
Genre: Historical Western Romance


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Antonie Ramirez could ride and shoot as well as any man--and better than most. Now, the headstrong beauty had come to Texas to honor her father's last words: find the cattle rancher named Royal Bancroft and repay him for saving their lives long ago.

Royal Bancroft didn't know who was behind the outlaws trying to drive him off his land, but he would fight to the death rather than lose it. Yet with his sister and brother kidnapped, he felt defeat run through him like a chill wind…until a girl with cornsilk hair and a steady gunhand rode into his life.

Antonie was wild, hard, and hurting inside, and Royal knew from the moment he saw her, that if he tried to tame her, he'd break her spirit. Instead, he would let her ride with him as an equal partner and fight beside him for a future together…

My Review:

A Taste of FireA Taste of Fire by Hannah Howell

A Taste of Fire brings those old classic western movies that I grew up on to life.

Antonie’s family was murdered before her eyes by a group of renegade banditos. Juan Ramierz, a wanted outlaw and notorious bandito himself, rescues Antonie and raises her as very own daughter.

Royal, a local rancher, sees a gunman aiming at Juan in a saloon and jumps in to save him. Juan tells Royal he owns him a debt. Years later, on his death bed, Juan sends a now grown Antonie to help Juan with a bandito problem.

Antonie shows up on Royal’s door step with her two adoptive brothers, Oro and Tomas, in tow. Stunned by her beauty and drawn by a physical chemistry that mystifies, you just know it’s going to get good.

It ends up that the very same bandito that killed Antonie’s family is now attacking Royal. The big mystery is who put him up to it and why?

Antonie has the chance to right the wrong against the family she lost and win a good man’s heart if they don’t end up dead first.

I really enjoyed this story. Howell’s descriptive writing style makes the words jump off the pages and brings you right into the south west of old.

Pretty lengthy at 400+ pages, the story flies by and keeps you completely engaged. A lot of story to devour.

If you love a great western, don’t miss A Taste of Fire.

I received this ARC copy of A Taste of Fire from Kensington Books - Zebra in exchange in a honest review. This book is set for publication March 29, 2016

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