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Announcing the Three Winners of the Waves of Reprisal Giveaway!

Can she put aside her bloodlust when the fate of humanity beckons?

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Waves of Reprisal
by Malcolm Little

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: June 9, 2015
Publisher: Malcolm Little
Genre: YA Post-Apocalyptic | Dystopian
Print Length: 244 pages
 Hanyma, a spirited young woman from the remote village of Kepler, is at a crossroads in her life. She wants to explore the unfamiliar, wide-open country outside her croft. But rumblings of dark, inexorable forces terrorizing the sparsely-populated continent dampen her aspirations.

That was before devastation gripped her. Now, driven by a wandering quest for vengeance, the headstrong survivalist struggles to combat a band of vicious marauders while simultaneously trying to comprehend all the strange phenomena discovered amidst ruins of technologically-advanced precursors.

Before long, Hanyma is thrust into circumstances beyond her ability to control, and she must team with an unlikely ally from a far-gone past who is determined to complete a mission of global importance. Whether that mission succeeds or not may well depend on the callow wayfarer from Kepler. Can Hanyma put aside her bloodlust when the fate of humanity beckons? Will it matter when pitted against the crushing weight of a powerful, inscrutable enemy?

Waves of Reprisal by Malcolm Little
Waves of ReprisalThis is true Science Fiction fantasy in a dystopian world thousands of years after a nuclear nightmare ended life on Earth as it was known. Gone were the scientific advances, simple appliances, electricity, the few humans left alive began again, as hunter gatherers in a world thrown into the stone ages, once again. Only the most foresighted of scientists had prepared for this possibility, but it would be eons before their plan came to fruition. From page one this saga chronicles the life of one brave young woman who has been left alone in a world of mutated humans, death armies that would plow through each village, leaving death behind.

Hanyma has sworn to avenge her family, this is her story, and the miraculous discoveries she made along the way and the powerful allies she found to help re-build a world almost too far gone to be saved.
Imagine an android, finally awakened and on a mission to bring thousands of clones together with the abilities and knowledge to bring Earth back to its full glory and potential. Are they ready for the vicious world they find? Are they prepared to start from ground zero to bring a civilized world back to life? Enemies will stop at nothing to prevent the rebirth of this world and will stop at nothing to destroy anything and anyone that gets in the way. Only the heart and determination of one young girl can rally both survivors and clones, but is she prepared to have the possible deaths of thousands on her hands?

Waves of Reprisal Malcolm Little is 99% non-stop action, tension and vividly described scenes that will leave you breathless as the battles and rage and their sheer size becomes imprinted in your mind. The remaining 1% is where one gets to catch their breath and unclench their hands. No angst, amazing characters and a well-developed, well-written tale that will leave one hanging on every word. Mr. Little has a hit to share that is most definitely suitable for all readers, from younger YA on up. Keep your eye on Malcolm Little, I’m going to!
Also by Malcolm Little

Playing the Greatest Game
by Malcolm Little

Publication Date: September 15, 2015
Publisher: Malcolm Little
Genre: SCIFI
Print Length: 53 pages
Available from: Amazon 
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Kurtis Veerstra is a Navy SEAL without a navy. After a successful tour of duty in Chile, the need for standing military forces in the United States – and indeed the world – has vanished amidst the realization of a globalized megastate. Geopolitical boundaries have evaporated, while the standard of living for the citizens of Earth has skyrocketed.

This unprecedented utopia, one that Petty Officer Veerstra helped bring about, was the vision of Soteira, an inexorable AI that captured the United States presidency in 2032. A mere six years later, Soteira secured itself as overseer of the entire planet. But old concepts of freedom die hard, and not everyone is happy being governed by an artificial entity that is hooked into everything. Kurtis, one of many instruments that executed the will of the synthetic dictator, is seen by anti-AI dissidents as the key to overthrowing the usurper.

Within the swaying palms of hedonistic Los Angeles, opposing forces move to counter one another. Oblivious to the machinations, Kurtis and his loyal wife Melina are manipulated by agents on both sides. Struggling through harrowing events unfolding over the span of a wild night, the couple discover that the significance of the conflict may indeed decide the fate of 8 billion souls. 
A native of British Columbia, Malcolm’s interests are diverse: Working with information technologies, pursuing a second degree in applied geography, and delving into character-driven stories. The multifaceted life experiences of this science fiction aficionado are evident in the stories he writes, where balancing the hard and the soft sides of the genre are of utmost importance.

His first published novel, “Waves of Reprisal”, is hopefully the first of many to come. Indeed, ideas for both stand-alone and series science fiction have gestated inside his consciousness for many years. It’s time to let fingers crystallize those ideas into prose.

Connect with Malcolm Little 
Goodreads | Website | Email: littlemw@telus.net

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