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Arrested by Passion - The Complete Series by J.D. Carabella

Arrested by Passion - The Complete Series
by J.D. Carabella

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: February 12, 2016
Publisher: J.D. Carabella
Genre: Erotic Romance
Print Length: 193 pages
Available from: Amazon
This is the Complete collected Arrested by Passion Series with never before released content!

To most of Kathleen’s readers she’s just a pulp fiction writer who spins tales about monsters and magic. On the brink of World War II, monstrous beasts and worse lurk in the shadows, unknown and unseen. Her universe is one of Lovecraftian horror and conservative morals. She’s not afraid of anything, except telling her boyfriend the truth about her feelings and her past.

However, she’s not the only one with secrets. Beneath the gentlemanly exterior of her detective boyfriend, Stephen, lurks an intensity she never suspected.

He’s waited long enough, it’s time for him to reveal his long suppressed desire to control and dominate the woman he loves.

How is a newly liberated woman supposed to agree to obey her lover’s orders? Can she still be an independent woman and a submissive?

A shadow from her past looms over her future; a deadly shadow that threatens to kill everyone she loves.

Kathleen’s life is about to take a turn for the passionate … if she survives.

This Tale of Passion, Pulp and the Paranormal is a BDSM love story with steamy sex, murderous monsters, greedy gangsters and a HEA.

 Arrested by Passion - The Complete Series by J.D. Carabella

Arrested by Passion - The Complete Series (Arrested by Passion)Passion knows no era, no time and no limits as Kathleen will discover in the arms and at the command of her boyfriend and lover, Stephen. J.D. Carabella takes back to the 1930s, a time when liberated women were making their mark, one scratch at a time and freely passionate sex was still something the moral majority would never admit existed.

Kathleen’s world is filled with magic and the unimaginable, the things nightmares are made of and as a writer known for her dark tales of horrific fiction, she hides the truths she knows. She also wears a bullseye on her back, one that will glow like a beacon if her secrets are revealed.

Her beau, Stephen, a detective and gentleman by day, hides a darker and more passionate side within the world of BDSM, and he is more than willing to show Kathleen that letting go in the bedroom is a way to make her even stronger as a woman in her world. Is it possible for this woman so full of secrets and always in control of her life to give in to the abandon and freedom Stephen’s world promises?

Follow Kathleen as she dodges death, investigates the paranormal and discovers the sizzling woman that lies within. J.D. Carabella can melt steel with her detailed and sensual writing as she gives her readers the perfect tale that removes the mystery of how the relations between doms and subs is so fiercely powerful and is far from twisted, but shows the soul deep trust between two people.. Be prepared to enter a world with Kathleen as she finds her inner siren at the beck and call of her lover who has peeled away her resistance to total satisfaction.

Not for the shy or vanilla, this is erotica with a bite and a story to tell, and it had my Kindle in meltdown mode. Great writing, great characters, powerful scenes and a touch of magic and the paranormal. Grab a fan and some smelling salts and try to keep the heavy breathing to a minimum.
I read the complete series in one go and I honestly think that is the way to do it, jump in, both feet and let J.D. Carabella work her magic on your mind as you become Arrested by Passion.

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