Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Break the Chains by Mela Ciano

Break The Chains
by Mela Ciano

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: February 29, 2016
Publisher: Mela Ciano
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Second Chance
Available from: Amazon
Hope against all hope…

When Linda Crane goes home for a visit, she is saddened to find that nothing has changed regarding her judgmental family. She is about to give up on her dream of happiness when she runs into the only light that has ever been bright enough to make all her shadows disappear.

He still hasn’t found what he’s looking for…

Marc Divanti once sang to a beautiful woman, and even after years of travelling abroad, the free-spirited guitarist realises that something is missing from his life. Believing in preordained love, he is swept off his feet when he meets her again.

Love is a choice, but is it strong enough to break the chains of the past?  

Break the Chains by Mela Ciano

Break The ChainsHave you ever fallen so deeply into a story that every emotion, every event and every character feels alive? Follow two destined souls through the years of their on again, off again romance as they struggle to Break the Chains of the obstacles life has put in their way. Throughout this tale, you will laugh, cry and feel an anger that proves that Mela Ciano can write and connect with her readers.

Linda grew up in a family where upsetting her overbearing, and brutally cold mother meant reliving all of your shortcomings. After a broken heart years before and a disastrous marriage, Linda is rebuilding her life, and succeeding, for the most part.

Marc is a free-spirit, untethered by society’s standards. He grew up in a family that knew and shared their love of life, cooking and each other. He was an artist, a singer and song writer and when he found young Linda, he poured his heart out in a song, but her family won and she disappeared from his life, or he from hers and life went on.

Fast forward to the day fate saw fit to reunite them, all of the fireworks there, all of the passion and one more obstacle to overcome. No matter how hard they tried, no matter how much they loved, life battered them around until their ship sunk, once again, spiraling them both into the world of the heartbroken and sometimes bitter. How many times can a heart be broken, or a spirit crushed before it cannot survive? How poisoned must a soul become before it seeks healing? Can it be possible that just because you love someone to your very essence of existence, that you are NOT good for each other? Follow Mela Ciano’s tale of love that seems doomed from the start.

Ms. Ciano has created a world of pain for two undeserving people, filled it with miscommunication, truths withheld and precious time lost in bitterness, heartache and guilt. Her characters are 100% flawed humanity encapsulated in a world they never both seemed to fit into. I was struck to my soul by this one, and cannot wait for more from this “from the heart” author. This is a tale to savor and cannot be rushed through, live it with the characters.

I received an ARC edition from the author, Mela Ciano in exchange for my honest review.

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