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Brianna West Presents the Cover Reveal for DAWNING with Giveaway

I was desperate - I needed him so badly
My skin prickled with anticipation...
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By Brianna West
Promiscus Guardians - Book Three
Izzy and Lucas have been through quite the ordeal over the last year: chased down by demons, hunted by Dark angels, and sought after by a sadistic, gorgeous mother-in-law. Now they’re back, and there’s a lot of loose ends to tie up. Like the army of juiced up toddlers, the flamboyant villain, and the sociopathic Mother Dearest. Not to mention, it’s now their sole duty to seek the help of the seven kings in the In-Between realm, which sounds easier than it is.
Dawning follows Izzy as she is once again the woman of the hour, the woman who can bring the realms together, the woman with that special something-something that everyone, including her vindictive, crazy mother-in-law, are working tirelessly to capture. Being special never felt like so much work. Saving the world was never something Izzy planned to do, but she’ll have to if she doesn’t want the mortal world to end, or any others for that matter. 
Lucas pressed me backwards with one swift movement, immediately hovering over me as I was instantly laid out onto the solid floor that was only covered by a thin layer of blanket. “It is that absence of fear that leaves me desperate to confine you and never let you see the light of day.”
“That wouldn’t be a very nice thing to do,” I said, feigning reproach. “Forced imprisonment is clearly against council rules—”
Lucas silenced me with a hard kiss. His hands enclosed on my wrists, pinning them above my head with one hand to leave the other following the line of my body. My shirt was forced upwards, hot evening air breathing over the surface of my exposed torso as his lips trailed down the soft curve of my jaw towards my chin, then down the length of my neck to the small jut of my collarbone. He nipped the protruding bone, causing me to gasp with surprise.
“You have continued to plague both thought and rationale. You have destroyed any semblance of control I have over my emotions. You have torn apart my composed exterior and exposed me for what I am: a man. A man that craves to have you entirely to himself.”
Lucas pushed the remaining fabric of my shirt above my harshly rising and falling breasts. His illuminated eyes brightened, near blinding, as he moved forwards and pressed a soft kiss to where my heart thumped erratically. He mouthed the soft mound of my breast with the hot heat of his mouth, rolling the hardened bud of my nipple between his teeth and tasting me through the thin layer of lace I wore. He pressed his lips once more to my thudding heartbeat, resting his ear to it and listening minutely to the racing tempo.
It was both very odd and very endearing to see the tender expression on Lucas’ face as he did this. He looked serene as he laid his slightly rough face to my chest for minutes, smiling.
Pulling away, Lucas stared at me unabashedly. “You are beautiful.”
We might be in the middle of nowhere, in a realm that could lead to our deaths, and very close to being devoured by a den of fire dragons, but all I could see, hear, or feel was Lucas.
Lucas settled into the space of my opened legs, driving down hard into me with his weight. I moaned lowly against the rippling of pleasure that prickled over my body with each shift of his solid body against my softer one. His handsome face was above me, tempting me. I wanted him right now. Needed to feel him desperately inside of me.
Who cared if we drew all the dragons with our lovemaking? I was going to have my sexy vampire-angel regardless of whether or not it was a good idea. Besides, the look in Lucas’ eyes told me that no matter how I protested, he would have me. Whether or not I wanted it. And who was I to deny him? I hadn’t managed to thus far. Why start now?


I am a mother of three, living in California, USA. I have always been an avid reader of romance, particularly the paranormal genre. However, in the last few years, I have taken a serious interest in writing my own versions of these worlds. I write mainly romance, mainly featuring paranormal, supernatural, and vampires. All of my stories have an element of humor. I want to create a world that my readers can really immerse themselves into as the main protagonist.

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