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Planet Of The Eggs-: Mummified Egg by Peggy Bechko, Charlene Brash Sorensen

Planet Of The Eggs-: Mummified Egg
by Peggy Bechko

My rating: 3 stars

Series: Planet of the Eggs - Book 3
Publisher: Allied Alien Press
Publication Date: December 15, 2015
Genre: Comic Book for Children
Print Length: 28 pages
Available from: Amazon

What if there was a world where eggs didn't hatch, where magic ruled, where evil threatened?

The adventures continues as the eggs of legend find themselves portaled into the desert from Shadowgate. The six eggs of prophesy once again find themselves in a new land filled with unexpected dangers. The intrepid heroes encounter a friendly herd of mild-mannered ostrich and a wise old Meerkat who foretells possible futures in the smoke of his fire.

Nightfist meantime, nearly succumbs to a hypnotic voice calling to him while Skink and Smudge befriend Sala’s wolf familiar-Gar.

Follow the superheroes as their powers expand and evolve. Read about the Egglanders’ confrontation with the traitorous Mummified Egg, Loki.

Planet Of The Eggs-: Mummified Egg 
by Peggy Bechko, Charlene Brash Sorensen

Planet Of The Eggs-: Mummified EggWhen is the last time you read a comic book? The vivid pictures depicted action and showed the events going on. The dialogue pretty much added to the tension and the tone, as well as telling the story as it happens, kind of like daily life. Seriously, do you live your life or do you see it as words in your head for every action you take? Comic books do not spell everything, they show it and one must use their imagination to glean the story, almost interactive in a way. No, you won’t see biff or bang or pow, but you will see strange creatures, mummified eggs, and the battle of good versus evil in bright panels that give the perception of action, and dialogue conveying whatever emotion is going on or maybe whatever action needs to be taken.

Meet the eggs of prophesy as they find themselves on an adventure filled with danger and high stakes. Planet Of The Eggs-: Mummified Egg by Peggy Bechko & Charlene Brash Sorensen appears to be the third comic in this series and perhaps one should be sure to pick up books one and two prior to reading this one. This is perfect to tempt a reluctant young reader or anyone who misses the comic book of yesteryear. The eternal battle of good versus evil is waged again by some quirky little characters. Remember, Comic books require more imagination than a video game, so feel free to use yours!

I received a review copy from the authors in exchange for my honest review.

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