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Preferred Rewards by Michael Patrick Lewis
Preferred Rewards
by Michael Patrick Lewis

My rating: 3 stars

Publication Date: May 3, 2015
Publisher: Michael Patrick Lewis
Genre: Coming of Age - Erotic Romantic Drama
Print Length: 204 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Troy has a problem: he likes a girl whose best friend likes him. Should he take the marshmallow in front of him, or wait for the Preferred Reward?

Preferred Rewards by Michael Patrick Lewis

Preferred RewardsRaging hormones, bad decisions and immaturity mark Troy’s world as he starts off his college career unprepared for the responsibilities of growing up. Attracted by the beauty of one roommate, determined to have her, Troy finds that the flirty and flashy Carrie may not share his interest. Like most people, his first impression is based on sex appeal, which Carrie has in spades, but her roommate Gina hides under baggie sweats. What he discovers is that Gina has a brain, she has wit, a sharp tongue and isn’t’ afraid to be herself. Intrigued, they become friends until that first date, the one that Gina went from a drab moth into a beautiful butterfly and Troy is a goner. He has the whole package, but Gina maintains keeping it all under wraps, except between the sheets where she is a fantasy come true.

Was it peer pressure or ego or what that turned their affair into a battleground for power and control? Was it immaturity that caused Troy to wander? A weak sense of morality? His own insecurities? A chance to bag the girl every guy wanted?

Discover what happens when the damage is done, the guilt sets in and two people are not both prepared for the relationship they want. Preferred Rewards by Michael Patrick Lewis has moments of clarity, moments of tongue-in-cheek clich├ęs and most certainly its share of big mistakes, compounded by cowardess on the part of both characters. Watch as one friend stabs the other in the back and try to figure out why.

The sex is not tantalizing or erotic, but raw and gives one the feeling of a total disconnect from the true emotional maturity of the action as every detail comes across as one young man’s ego being fed at one point, and backfiring into insecurity as a man the next. Will Troy learn the definition of what a man truly is or of what a healthy relationship is? It’s all a matter of perception if one sees the humor in this painful relationship, but this is certainly a thought-provoking tale from this author.

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