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Pulse: When Gravity Fails (Pulse, #1) by John Freitas

Pulse: When Gravity Fails
by John Freitas

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Pulse Science Fiction Series - Book 1
Publication Date: February 18, 2016
Publisher: John Freitas
ISBN-10: 1530117569
ISBN-13: 978-1530117567
Genre: Sci-Fi
Print Length: 101 pages
Available from: Amazon


The Alpha Centauri star system begins to collapse and the resulting gravitational waves reach our planet, creating strange phenomena around the globe, leaving the people who are affected by them wondering what in the world is going on.

A scientist in an isolated observatory sees clues that tell him what is happening to the world may be bigger and more deadly than a few earthquakes and a few floating objects.

Dr. Paulo Restrepo will have to race against time and the doubts of a world used to gravity behaving the same everywhere at every time. By the time he figures out the cause and what that means for the final approaching event, it might be too late, but he has to try.

Pulse: When Gravity Fails (Pulse, #1) by John Freitas

Pulse: When Gravity Fails (Pulse, #1)Get ready to enter the world of science fiction and leave behind all of those science classes that you sat through in school. Embrace make believe and thoughts of “what if?” John Freitas has taken control and lays the groundwork for some pretty decent speculative fiction with Pulse: When Gravity Fails.

Imagine being the scientist who discovers that the collapse of the Alpha Centauri star system is about to cause chaos, upheaval and the possible destruction of Earth. As a father, he would do anything to keep his daughter safe, but where can she go? Is this the final assault on Earth?

Life goes on, even in a time of dire consequences as the world witnesses changes in the gravitational pull, while cows float on one continent, another is experiencing the crumbling of buildings being pulled to the ground. One firefighter must reach his children and his ex to try to get them to safety or at least warn them, but time is running out and all of the bitter arguments seem petty in the eyes of death.

John Freitas only forgotten one thing in this nail-biting gem, about another 100 pages, or 2 or 300. Drawing a huge cast of characters in, setting up the world (and preparing to tear it apart) is a big task. To do that in just a few pages is phenomenal, all while never slipping up on the tension and pace. A great start to a great sci-fi series. I wasn't ready to return to reality.

I received this copy from the author, John Freitas, in exchange for my honest review.


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