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Soldiers of the Craft: The Rebirth (Soldiers of the Craft #1) by K.E. Moody

Soldiers of the Craft: The Rebirth
by K.E. Moody

My rating: 3.5 stars

My Rating; 3.5 Stars
Series: Soldiers of the Craft
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
Publication Date: December 14, 2015
Genre: Urban Fantasy \ Slightly Erotic
Print Length: 314 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

On her 25th birthday, strange and unexplainable things are happening to simple coffee shop owner, Deandra Sullivan…or rather, she’s making the strange and unexplainable happen around her. Deandra is scared, confused, and feeling completely alone until she meets mysterious Donovan Walters, who carries a secret that is the same as hers…they are Witches.

While Donovan takes Deandra under his wing (and into his bed) to teach her about who and what she is, they discover an unavoidable tether between them. Along the way, something is tugging at Deandra’s instincts that danger is coming, and she and Donovan are tasked to find, recruit, and protect other Witches like herself.

Follow Deandra as she finds herself, and her powers, in this sexy Urban Fantasy novel by new author, K. E. Moody.

Soldiers of the Craft by K.E. Moody

Soldiers of the Craft: The Rebirth (Soldiers of the Craft, #1)The witch trials of Salem and the wild witch hunts of uneducated masses have all but wiped out witches. They no longer live together ad are scattered over the globe, another secret from the world of humans. Each generation relied on the previous to teach the ways of a witch, but what if you had no one to teach you? What if, like Deandra, you were clueless as to what was happening, how, one day you could be a coffee shop owner and the next you were making strange and frightening things happen? Would you think you were going insane? Terrified, Deandra had no where to turn, no idea what was happening until Donovan shows up and he senses who and what she is, but convincing her will take time and patience, of which he has the patience of a saint, he also holds his own secrets, some dark and one that only the heart and soul understands. Follow along as grimoires and ancestors lead the way to a turning point in the history of witches and the roles Deandra and Donovan will play.

Deandra is dating Troy, who treats her like a mushroom that often becomes his punching bag. How can Donovan convince Deandra to wake up and smell the coffee before Troy really hurts her, or worse? Loyalty and dreams are little protection against a fist. I can't say Deandra didn't come across as rather naive, but her heart is pure gold.

Meanwhile, they sense there are more witches out there, near their change and it is time to bring them all together to prevent any from going dark and to re-instill and protect the pride of their heritage.

Soldiers of the Craft by K.E. Moody is a fabulous start to a new series where the intense world building sets the stage and raises questions that are sure to lead to more witchy magic and sizzling romance. Great attention to detail, lots of steam, fully rounded characters, and well-defined relationships between them all brings each page to life, ready for the action that is sure to come. K.E. Moody has brought a new twist to the world of witchcraft, no brooms involved.

I received this copy from K.E. Moody in exchange for my honest review.

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