Saturday, March 26, 2016

Someone Like Him by Ann Herrick

Someone Like Him
by Ann Herrick

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Books We Love Ltd.
Publication Date: March 3, 2016
Genre: YA/Teen Humorous Romance
Print Length: 125 pages
Available from: Amazon

City girl, country guy. Will opposites attract—or clash?

When New-York-City girl Emily visits her cousin Janelle in Oregon, Emily wonders how she'll survive the wilderness. Janelle wonders if the wilderness will survive Emily's visit—and if she can convince her cousin to help save part of an old-growth forest.

Meanwhile, Emily also wonders if a big-city girl can get along with a county guy—named Bret. Under forest canopies and by crystal-clear waters she struggles with her growing attraction to him. But they're so different. Whoever thought she'd fall for someone like him?

Someone Like Him by Ann Herrick

Someone Like HimGrab your hiking boots, a sleeping bag and take a walk on the wild side in Oregon, where Mother Nature still reigns supreme and protecting her world takes a conscious effort and true respect for life.

You can take the girl out of the city, kicking and screaming, but is the wilderness ready for HER? New York teen, Emily is being shipped off to Oregon while her parents take a romantic trip to Paris. So.Not.Fair. Her uncle is strange, her aunt knits constantly, her cousin used to be pretty cool, but they haven’t seen each other for years and Emily is terrified she will be spending her time pumping water, beating clothes on the rocks and who knows what else, providing she doesn’t get eaten by a bear, first. For a girl whose idea of roughing it back to nature is a walk through Central Park, what Emily discovers is more than she could ever dream, and most of it was about herself.

Not prepared to like anything, especially a country boy, Emily finds herself falling for Bret with all of the sweet innocence of young love. She also discovers that there is beauty beyond the bright lights of the city and wonder in the stars at night and just maybe her uncle isn’t such a strange duck after all.

Ann Herrick is known for her clean teen romances, preserving innocence in young love and knowing how to hit the perfect notes of awe and wonder in a young girl’s heart. She has done it again with Someone Like Him a coming of age story for one girl who never knew how limited her life really was and sometimes the best things in life do not carry a designer label. A delightful read for younger teens and young adults, alike!

I received a review copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Thanks so much for such a wonderful (and humorous) review! So glad you enjoyed (and "got") the story. :)

  2. Ann is such a gifted writer and she has a magic touch when it comes to hitting just the right tone for teen romances.

  3. Ann, congratulations on a well-deserved review!