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The Beloved (Faerie Tale #2) by Genevra Thorne

The Beloved
by Genevra Thorne

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Faerie Tale - Book 2
Publisher: Booktrope Editions (March 2, 2016)
Publication Date: March 2, 2016
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Print Length: 277 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Lord Ashton of Aethyria is enticement, seduction, temptation–born with the power to strip even the most modest woman of her gown, her will, and her virtue. With the glamour of being born a half Daoine Sidhe faerie comes the sad fate that once a woman has gazed into Ash’s eyes, she forever loses the ability to see anything other than his ravishing beauty, and can certainly never glimpse into his soul. Ashton’s allure is so raw and enchanting, in fact, that he has exiled himself from even the human side of his family, lest his own aunts be tempted by him, and lives a life of solitude and fleeting passions. But he is part human as well, and it is his human blood that makes him long for a magic no faerie spell can equal. It is his deep desire for true love that leads him to keep his magnificent face hidden from the woman who captures his heart.

Eden is certain her nightly visitor is as disfigured as she, since he keeps his visage shrouded in shadow when he comes to her room. Scarred by fire, she believes herself ugly until Ashton’s tender kisses and gentle touch begin to teach her that true beauty comes from within. It’s an important lesson, since Ash knows that soon he must reveal himself to her. He prays that she can look beyond his unearthly beauty and see the heart of a man.

The Beloved (Faerie Tale #2) by Genevra Thorne

The Beloved (Faerie Tale, #2)I’m sure there are many males out there who wouldn’t mind having Lord Ashton’s problem. Part fae and part human, his glamour is sensual, sexual and no woman can look into his eyes without wanting him, body and soul. Like a candy bar at a choca-holic’s convention, he is addictive, and craved, but he is also lonely and heartsick. For Ashton, it is the cruelest of curses, and he craves is one woman to love and desire him for himself, he wants to love and be loved. It is only in the shadows of night that he finds the woman who has stolen his heart, and it is only in the shadows that they can be together, lest she looks upon him and falls victim to his curse.

Eden is scarred and burned, her once beautiful body ravaged by flames, so when the gentleman who comes to her every night insists on remaining in the shadows, she assume he, too is disfigured. The tenderness in his touch, the warmth of his kisses and the seductive quality of his voice has Eden falling in love with his soul. But will she ever be able to steal just one glance at her mysterious lover?

The Beloved by Genevra Thorne is a true romantic faery tale coming to life with all of the magic and majesty of fantasy and love. From two different worlds, love is blind to appearances and as one beautiful fae man desperately pleads for true love, one human woman answers his call, with every fiber of her being, but his reputation has preceded him and she struggles to believe the man she once thought deformed could truly care for a the likes of her. Can they overcome all of their misunderstandings, the fact that he cannot help it that women crave him and that he sees far more in Eden than she does? Pain and self-loathing are universal when one suffers for things they cannot control, but only the heart and true love contain more magic than the strongest faery.

Fall in love with each character, their unique personalities, their shortcomings and their strengths, revel in the world of the fae and remember the days when you could get lost in each tale. Now you can do it again, thanks to the beauty of Genevra Thorne’s writing, proving even faery tales can grow up. The magic is still there.

I received this copy from the Genevra Thorne in exchange for my honest review.

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