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The Old World (By The Hands of Men, #1) by Roy M. Griffis

The Old World
by Roy M. Griffis

My rating: 5 stars

Series: By the Hands of Men - Book 1
Publication Date: December 25, 2013
Publisher: Roy M. Griffis
ISBN-10: 1492731420
ISBN-13: 978-1492731429
Genre: Historical Fiction
Paperback: 263 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Lieutenant Robert Fitzgerald has managed to retain his sanity, his humanity, and his honor during the hell of WWI's trench warfare. Charlotte Braninov fled the shifting storm of the impending Russian Revolution for the less-threatening world of field camp medicine, serving as a nurse in the most hopeless of fronts. Their friendship creates a sanctuary both could cling to in the most desperate of times. Historical fiction about life, loss, and love, By the Hands of Men explores the power that lies within each of us to harm - or to heal - all those we touch.

 The Old World (By The Hands of Men, #1) by Roy M. Griffis

The Old World (By The Hands of Men, #1)We all learned about World War I in school, a sanitized version of the horrors faced by all sides. For those of us who have had the privilege of seeing or hearing of the war through relatives’ stories and pictures, most of us found that even the real-life version, although still gruesome, was also sanitized. After reading Roy M. Griffis’ The Old World, one will understand why this is such a difficult subject.

Two people, from different countries find an island of peaceful coexistence while under the threat of death at any moment. Lieutenant Robert Fitzgerald never lost sight of his humanity or his honor while fighting in the mud and trenches, watching his fellow soldiers fall, maimed and bleeding or dead.

Charlotte Braninov fled the upheaval in Russia to become a wartime nurse on the frontline of battle for the English Army. Hers was probably one of the worst jobs to mentally and emotionally deal with, often being able only to hold the hand of a dying soldier, some in their teens.

Robert and Charlotte became like beacons in the dark nights for each other, and love grew, in spite of the desperate battles being waged around them. Follow the heartbreak of war, the hope of love and witness the soldiers, friend or foe take time out to share a time of humanity and temporary friendship on Christmas. If you have ever heard a firsthand account of these monumental times, you will be there to be part of it.

War makes friends out of strangers, weaves lives together in desperation and solidifies lasting relationships and Roy M. Griffis has brought the past to life in often gruesome detail, with no sanitized words. This tale honors the men and women who went to war, many never to return. Through his story of love, loss, pain and hope.

I received this copy from Roy M. Griffis in exchange for my honest review.

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